Why You’re Not getting Called In For Job Interviews

You need to be called into an interview to be offered a job obviously.

But if you’re not getting the calls, then it makes being offered a job, difficult to say the least!

So if you’re applying for jobs but not getting calls and you’re frustrated as to why, then here’s why it’s happening, and what you can do about it.

It’s been found through various surveys that about only 3% of people who apply for a job actually get called in for an interview.

The main reason for this is the rise of job boards like Indeed and their competitors, and how easy they’ve made it for people to apply for a large number of jobs with very little effort.

Job boards are effectively online classified ads.

Since classified ads in newspapers moved online and became what we know as job boards like Indeed etc, the job boards have made it easy for people to apply for jobs by giving them the ability to upload their resume, and then with only a few clicks, apply for any job they like the look of.

What this has done is cause employers to receive sometimes hundreds, even thousands of applications for the jobs they advertise.

They’ve been overwhelmed with the response so a lot of companies now use Applicant Tracking Systems.

Applicant Tracking Systems are software programs that have filters that search for keywords in resumes, so the employer can upload the applicants resume and have the applicant tracking system look for the keywords that indicate whether that applicant may be a good candidate for the job.

This supposedly filters out all the unsuitable applicants and delivers a short list of the most suitable applicants for the job to the employer.

This now means that in 8 out of 10 cases, your resume won’t even be see by a real person.

It’ll be rejected by the Applicant Tracking Software automatically.

So what’s the best way to get past the Applicant Tracking Software?

There are a couple of ways…

You can beat them at their own game or not play the game at all.

To beat them at their own game you need to make your resume is attractive to the Applicant Tracking Software so it recommends your resume as one for a person to look at.

The way to do that is to put the words from the job ad into your resume.

So make a note of all the main keywords in the ad.

It’s a fair bet that those words are the words the employer has entered into their Applicant Tracking Software, so if you sprinkle those key words through your resume, the Applicant Tracking Software will recognize those words, think you’re a strong applicant for the job and then put you up as a recommendation for the job.

You’ll then have a person read your resume.

Of course, you’ll also need to word your resume to motivate the person who reads it to want to get you in for an interview, but at least you’ve got a person considering you now, and not being rejected by a piece of software!

The other way you can get past the Applicant Tracking Software is to bypass it completely.

The way to do that is to use Connectzapp to find your next job.

The way it works is you enter the details of the job you’re after into the app or via the website at connectzapp.com.

You’re then given a list of jobs that you’re a good candidate for ranked in order with the best match at the top.

You then swipe through the jobs, choose the ones that appeal to you the most, make a shortlist, then contact those employers direct.

It’s easy and it’s quick.

You don’t have to worry about Applicant Tracking Software because the employer doesn’t need it when they use Connectzapp.

Also, the employer can see you’re a good candidate for the job so they WANT to talk to you.

So get Connectzapp from the App Store or Google Play or go toConnectzapp.com and find you next job the easy way!

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And as always…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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