The Secret Ingredient To Finding The Best Staff

‘It’s hard to find good staff these days!’ is what most employers have thought at some point each time they’ve had a vacancy to fill.

Every business wants to employ the best candidate for a role but … WHERE ARE THEY?

Are they looking at the moment?

Are they thinking of moving from their current role?

Are they actively seeking and applying for a new role?

Or have they not done any looking yet?

WHERE and WHO are they??

Get in direct contact with the most qualified candidates… then choose the best!

There are 2 types of candidates for any role-

  1. Those who are actively seeking a new role
  2. Those who would consider a new role but are not actively looking

Numerous surveys show that between 20-25% of the workforce are actively applying for work at any given time.

The same surveys have found that anywhere between 50-80% of the workforce would consider a new role given the opportunity, whether they are actively seeking a new role or not.

The workforce is very fluid and highly mobile… There’s opportunity here!

What if you could find the candidates actively seeking AND those thinking of moving but not actively seeking a new role?

What if the perfect person for a role you need filled is currently not looking but would be the perfect fit for your business?

How do you find them?

Get in contact with the ‘off market’ candidates as well

Connectzapp gives you the ability to find not only those candidates who are actively seeking a new role, but also those who aren’t. In other words, those in the 50-80%.

And there’s virtually no competition for the candidates who aren’t actively looking!

So to make your next search for staff produce the BEST CANDIDATES, use the ‘Find Someone’ function in the Connectzapp menu as well.

Try it now…

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