Six Months To Find Work Is Way Too Long!

Most people take months to find their next job.

Some people trawl job boards, apply to a string of jobs and then hear nothing back. It’s soul destroying!

Others approach people they know in the hope they might be aware of any positions available now or coming up.

Many people accept a role below their skill level.


What if it literally took minutes to find the position you’re perfectly matched too?

If you had direct access to the roles you’re most suited to and the employers you’d most prefer to work for, it would take no time at all to secure the best role.

Because those employers want you!

So how do you find them?

Connectzapp puts you in direct contact with the roles most suited to you

When you have direct access to the right people, whether you are looking for work or staff, it makes it easy to find the right role for the right person.

By matching job seekers and employers, then giving them direct access to each other, the time it takes to find your next great job or employee is dramatically shortened.

It’s about time!

Try it now…

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