Data Entry: Description and the best paid jobs

Data Entry

Description… and where to find the best paid jobs

What is Data Entry? Overview

A data entry clerk enters data or information into a computer using a keyboard, scanner, disk or their voice. The data entered is usually in analogue (non electronic form) so that once entered into a computer, becomes digitised and easier to disseminate, analyse and use in any way the owner of the data would like.

Data entry job description and duties

A Data entry role means you get paid to do data entry. It involves data entry and analysis. A data entry officer’s responsibilities include performing administration tasks such as:

  • Preparing documents and data for entry
  • Entering data and information into computer
  • Ensure data is entered accurately and quickly
  • Run backups to ensure no loss of information
  • Perform offline data entry when required

Other jobs include being:

  • A data entry virtual assistant
  • Working in a data entry call centre

Data entry skills

These include:

  • Alpha data entry
  • Data entry and word processing
  • Data entry ksph (key strokes per hour) for keyboard data entry
  • Alpha and numeric data entry
  • Experience with an Excel data entry form
  • Experience with offline data entry
  • Experience with a data collection app

The usual typing speed required for data entry is 60wpm (words per minute).

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Data entry career path

A great thing about data entry jobs is they can lead to a career path. For example it can lead to a job as a:

  • Secretary or receptionist
  • Bank officer or accounts clerk
  • Human resources officer or Project support officer
  • Administrative assistant or Word processing officer or typist

Data entry qualifications

There are data entry courses online where you can learn to do data entry from home. There are also free data entry certification courses.

To train for data entry jobs:

  • Learn to type at more than 30wpm
  • Take computer lessons, particularly Microsoft Office
  • Learn how to use printers, scanners and other office equipment
  • Practice your phone skills
  • Complete a basic certificate course

An administrative assistant with attention to detail, who is motivated and is a dedicated customer service representative is what most employers seek.

Data entry jobs

To secure employment you may need to:

  • Complete a Data entry accuracy test
  • Complete a Data entry speed test, which may involve a data entry typing test online

To secure an income you may also consider some data entry business ideas. These could include data entry software for business or data entry outsourcing.

There are job ads for data entry operators offering great service and a great working environment.

Data entry jobs pay rate

The average hourly pay rate ranges between $18 per hour to $30 per hour. The average is around $23 per hour.

This covers most jobs including an accounting data entry clerk salary.

Data entry charges per word can vary and are negotiable between you and the company.

For awards and other information go to the Fairwork website

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Data Entry Resume

To write a resume that will get noticed, go here.

You can use this for a:

  • Data entry job role
  • Data entry operator job description resume
  • Data entry portfolio samples
  • Data entry profile
  • Objective statement for data entry

Data entry cover letter

To write a 4 sentence cover letter that will get you an interview, go here.

You can also use this for a data entry cover letter for a freelancer.

Interview questions

The most common computer data entry operator interview questions and the best answers for each question are:

  1. Why do you want this job? For the best answer check this out
  2. What was your last job and what data entry experience do you have?

Both of these questions relate to your competency for the job. For the best way to show the employer you are the right fit for the job check this out

  1. What are your professional strengths?

Check this great way to answer this question

  1. Why should we hire you for this job?

Check out this great way to answer this question

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