3 Best Ways To Gain Respect From Your Boss At Work — And Stand Out To Get A Pay Rise

If you’d like a pay rise, or you feel like you don’t have the respect at work that you should, then you’re in the right place.

Today I’m going to show you the 3 BEST things you can do at work, so your boss takes more notice of you.

So you can position yourself for a pay rise, either now or at your next performance review.

This isn’t about sucking up to your boss, or being disingenuous.

That won’t get you a pay rise.

It’s about being more valuable to the company you work for, knowing your worth and believing in yourself.

The first thing… is to do high quality work.

Yes, that seems like an obvious point, but it’s also worth re stating because it’s so important.

For you to be noticed by your boss, make sure your work is consistently of a high quality, deliver on time for any deadlines you’re set and of course, double check your work to make sure it’s error free.

By delivering high quality work consistently and on time, you’ll become known as the person who gets the job done.

You’ll become the person your boss, and the other people you work with, feel they can rely on.

Reliable people who get the job done tend to be considered first when a company is handing out pay rises!

The second thing is to see yourself as an equal.

What I mean by that is to consider yourself as worthy of other people’s respect. Not just your boss’, but everyone you work with.

There are a few ways to do this.

The first is to treat everyone else at work with respect. Everyone deserves respect and when you give it, others will give it back to you.

So treat people you work with, including your boss and the people under you, with respect. You’ll receive it back.

The other part to seeing yourself as an equal is to speak up when you should.

Offer solutions to challenges the company faces and offer to get involved to help deliver them.

When you’re known for delivering high quality work on time, then offer solutions to challenges the company is facing and offer to get involved, this puts you on the fast track for a pay rise because you’ve made yourself more valuable to the company.

The third thing is to be personable at work.

In other words, be someone people like to work with and like to be around.

Consider the people you work with. They’re people who have thoughts and feelings, concerns and fears, just like we all do.

So be considerate of the people you work with.

And do the same for your boss. They’re a person too, so be considerate to them as a person.

Say hello when you arrive at work and bye when you leave. Ask them how their day is going.

When you relate to them on a human level, they’ll really appreciate it.

When you’re aiming for a pay rise, sometimes it means you need to move to a different company.

Sometimes you can stay where you are because your current employer doesn’t want to lose you.

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And… Good luck with your job hunting!

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