How To Find A Job Fast (In A Week or Less)

Looking for a job is hard!

It means getting rejected all the time.

You apply for jobs and then receive an email that your application hasn’t been successful.

Or even worse, you apply for jobs and you never hear anything back from the company. They don’t even send you an email letting you down nicely!

It’s soul destroying!

But when you’ve gotta get a job because you need the money, you’ve gotta keep going!

So today let’s go through the 3 best ways to find a job fast. And when I mean fast, I mean within a week.

Method 1 — Use Connectzapp

The quickest and easiest way to find a job is to use Connectzapp, because when you do, the hiring manager can see you’re a good candidate for the job so they want to talk to you.

This puts you in a strong position when you’re asked in for an interview because the hiring manager is already keen to talk meet you, because they know you tick the boxes.

The way it works is you go to, enter the details of the job you’re after.

You’re then given a list of jobs that match what you’re looking for, ranked in order, with the best matched job at the top.

You can then swipe through each job, shortlist the ones you like the most, then contact those companies.

If you don’t find any jobs you like, then just wait. As companies look for new people, they’ll see your profile, and when you’re the person they’re looking fro they’ll contact you.

It’s easy and it’s quick. So give it a try.

Go to or get the app.

So that’s the best way to find a job fast!

Method 2 — Use A Temp Agency

The second best way to find a job fast is to contact a recruitment agency that also places temps.

When you’re a temp, you’re paid by the recruitment agency, then they hire you out to other companies to do whatever job you’re contracted to do.

The work you do could be for only a few days, or it could last for months full time.

Recruitment agencies are always in contact with companies who need people obviously and a lot of companies need temps to fill in while they find someone permanent to fill the role.

The great thing about being a temp is if you don’t like the job, let the temp agency know and they’ll switch you to another job.

And of course, if you like the job they place you in and the company wants you to stay for good, then you can do that too.

So the second best way to find a job fast is to use a recruitment agency and become a temp.

Method 3 — Be Proactive

The third method is to be proactive and contact companies that you would like to work for in the industry you’re experienced in or have interest in.

This means getting on the phone and calling or even turning up at their premises and asking to speak to the hiring manager or owner.

Another way you can be proactive is to follow the companies you’re most interested in on social media, like their posts and direct message them.

Most companies will respond when you do this. Then when they do, ask their social media manager what they suggest is the best way to get a job with the company, who the best person to speak to is and then ask them to refer you to that person.

You’ll be surprised how well this works because so few people do it, and most company’s social media managers are happy to help.

So get out and start asking companies if they’re looking for someone at the moment. Let them know what your skills and experience are and that you’re available.

If they’re looking for someone, you might find you get to the front of the queue because for an employer, it’s impressive when someone shows enough initiative to approach them direct, looking for work.

So there are the three best methods to find a job fast

  1. Use Connectzapp. Go to Connectzapp.comor download the app
  2. Use A Temp Agency
  3. Be Proactive and contact the companies you want to work for by phone, in person at their workplace and on social media

When you need to find work fast, go after any job you can. Even if it’s a job you don’t want to do long term.

You can always change jobs later on if you feel like you’re not in the right position.

And lastly…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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