Here’s where to find the best job for you.

Here’s Where To Find The Best Job For You

There are plenty of jobs out there to choose from. Your definition of the best job may be different to someone else’s definition.

The best jobs aren’t necessarily the highest paid. The best job for you may be one that is close to home, one that you enjoy working at and it could be an extension of your interests or hobbies.

Or it could be a high performance role where you have the opportunity to earn a large income or have a lot of people contact. Or you may prefer to work in a quiet environment with very little contact with other people.

It’s up to you.

So when you ask…what job is best for me, let’s take a look at what jobs are available and what best suits you.

If money is your main motivation, check out this guide to the best paying jobs.

For a guide to the best jobs… read on!

Below are a wide range of jobs ranging from full time, part time, work from home roles, jobs for younger people and more mature workers, and everything in between.

I could have added a heading called the Best Entry Level Jobs, however there are plenty of jobs below that you can start your career in.

For the Best Job Search Engine go here, or check out the best government jobs here

Best Work From Home Jobs (best Remote Jobs)

Working from home has its obvious benefits. If this is what you’re looking for then here are the best part time jobs from home:

Software Developer – if you are a developer you may not need to go into an office. Many companies need your skills and are happy for you to work from home.

Virtual Assistant – this is a huge growth area. More and more businesses, sole traders and individuals are using a virtual assistant (VA).

Childcare Worker – If looking after kids is better suited to you, then being a childcare worker based at home may be just the thing for you.

Bookkeeper – if you are good with numbers, even if you don’t have any qualifications, you could do the books of small businesses and individuals at home.

Beauty Therapist or Makeup Artist – there’s no need to work from a salon. You can have clients visit you at home for their treatment.

Dog Groomer – if working with animals is more you, then become a dog groomer working from home.

Social Media Manager – Most small businesses don’t have time to look after their social media or don’t understand it enough to do it themselves.

Tutor – there is plenty of demand for tutors. If you have a good understanding of certain subject matter, particularly mathematics, english and languages then this could be for you.

Data Entry – all you need is a computer and internet connection!

Translator – If you are fluent in another language then you can use that understanding to translate for individuals or businesses who need a translator.

The best at home Jobs give you time flexibility so you have time to do other things (like looking after the kids!).  These jobs are also the best jobs for stay at home moms. The Best Stay At Home Jobs can be a long list. The best job for you depends on your skills, qualifications and what you prefer to do.

For the best work from home jobs, find them here.
You’ll also find most of them are
the best jobs for moms too!

Check out the Best Retail Jobs here.

Best Part Time Jobs

If you need to earn some extra money but don’t want to work full time, a part time job is a great way to do it. The work from home jobs above can all be done part time, or you might choose to do one of the jobs below. So here are the best part time jobs:

Delivery or Limousine Driver – If you have a license to drive, then doing deliveries or driving a limousine is a great way to be out and about and meet interesting people.

Fitness Instructor – health and fitness is becoming more and more important to people. The fitness industry is growing.

Freelancer – Use your skills to become a freelance worker and set your own hours.

Brand Ambassador – If you are happy to stand on your feet, have a positive friendly attitude and like meeting people, then this could be for you. Brand Ambassadors usually hand out brochures and do product demonstrations.

Merchandiser – retailers want their products presented so they look their best. A merchandiser has the flair and an eye for presentation. So if you are happy to travel from store to store and have a flair for presenting products at their best, then being a merchandiser may be for you.

Front Desk Receptionist – many industries require someone at their front desk to greet people, clients, customers and patients. If you have good phone skills and can use a computer then this could be for you.

Retail Sales – you can work at your favourite store, work the hours you choose and receive a discount on the products you buy from the store.

For the best part time jobs, find them here.

For some of the best summer jobs and the best weekend jobs, take a look here.

For a full list of the best side jobs and best work life balance jobs, take a look here.

Best Jobs For College Students

If you are a college or university student and are looking for some extra cash while you’re studying there are plenty of options for you to earn an income. Any of the jobs above could suit you. In addition here are some more of the best jobs for college students (and uni students!). They also include the best part time jobs for college students:

Nanny – being a nanny, doing babysitting or pet sitting are an easy way to make money. If you like kids and animals this could be for you.

Call Centre Representative –  Call centres take inbound calls and make outbound calls, depending on the product, service or company. Some centres allow you to work from home, while others expect you to work from their office. If you have a good phone manner and like talking to people and helping to resolve their problems, this could be good for you.

Home Health Aide – many older people who still live in their own home, rather than in a nursing home require help. As a home health aide you assist older people with everyday activities. This can be a very rewarding experience. If you like helping people, particularly elderly people, then this could be great for you.

Lifeguard – if you’re fit, are a strong swimmer and like hanging out at the beach then being a lifeguard could be for you.

Cleaner – there is always something that needs to be cleaned!

Tour Guide – if you know your local area or have interest in the history of the city or town where you live, then being a tour guide may be for you.

Resident Advisor – help other students at your College or university.

You can find the best jobs for college students, here.

The Best Summer Jobs For College Students are here too!

Best Jobs For Introverts

If you are an introvert and prefer your own company, there are plenty of jobs you can choose from. Here are the best jobs for introverts:

Photographer – many industries require the services of a photographer. If you have an interest in photography and know how to take a good looking photo, then this could be for you.

Film and Video Editor – Editing takes time and attention to detail. Often it is solitary work. If you are interested in film and photography and are happy working alone of with a very small team, then this could be a great choice for you.

Forensic Science Technician – this requires attention to detail and someone who is happy to work behind the scenes. You would be required to collect and analyse evidence, both on site and in a lab. If you the idea of solving crime through studying the details behind the scenes appeals to you then being in forensics could be for you.

Paralegal – If you are interested in law but don’t have a law degree, then being a paralegal could be for you. You’ll be maintaining and organising files, conducting research and drafting documents. You may need an associate degree or certificate, however not all paralegals have qualifications.

BookKeeper or Accountant – If numbers and doing books are your thing, then this is a great role for you.

Software Developer – If sitting in front of a computer writing code is your idea of fun, then this is for you.

Author or Technical Writer – if you have something to say or have technical skills you can educate others on how things work, then being a writer could be for you.

Market Research Analyst – This requires collecting and analysing information to assess the sales potential of products or services. You will prepare reports and present your findings to company executives, however most of the time you will be working independently. You’ll need to be analytical, have a bachelor’s degree and be strong in mathematics.

Laboratory Technician – this is diagnosing patients via behind the scenes analysis. It is testing samples of bodily fluids, tissue and other substances collected from patients. If you have a strong stomach or are fascinated with the science, then this could be for you.

You can find the best jobs for introverts here.

Best Jobs Without A Degree

Detective and Criminal Investigator – you’ll be involved in investigating and solving crimes. If you have an interest in solving crimes and upholding the law, this could be for you.

Commercial Pilot – you’ll need training, however a lot of it is while you are in the air, as well as extra study. If flying is your thing, then this is for you.

Air Traffic Controller – you receive on the job training and are required to undertake some study. If you love the airline industry and aircraft, then this could be for you.

Dental Hygienist – you’ll be cleaning patient’s teeth, examining their oral ailments and providing preventative care. If the dental industry is for you, this is a great way to be in it without a degree.

Agricultural Work – farmers and graziers need help on their property. You’ll be working with animals, operating machinery and you’ll be outdoors most of the time. It’s a great life in the country, so if the country life appeals, then this is for you.

Registered Nurse – if you want to be in the medical industry, but not study to be a doctor, then nursing is a great choice.

Gaming Manager – you direct and coordinate the workings or a casino or club with poker machines. If you are interested in the gaming industry, this could be for you.

You can find the best jobs without a degree here.

Take a look here for the Best Delivery Jobs

Best Trade Jobs

If you’re looking at a trade or apprenticeship, check out this guide to the best trade jobs

Best Jobs For Teenagers

Check out this guide to the best jobs for teenagers

Best Jobs For The Future

If you’re after a job that is future proof, here’s a list of 8 of the best jobs for the future:

Solar Energy Technician – as solar panels become more efficient, more and more individuals and businesses are using the technology to generate electricity. If you are technically minded, this could be the perfect growth industry for you.

Wind Energy Technician – wind energy is growing popularity and efficiency. It is a growing industry and could be for you if you are technically minded.

Software Developer – it’s been said that ‘software is eating the world’. Software is almost everything we use nowadays and will become even more ubiquitous in the future.

Nurse – there will always be demand for nurses!

Physical Therapist – as populations age, physical therapists will be more in demand. Injured and ageing people need rehabilitation and pain management.

Biomedical Engineer – you will create medical devices that help doctors and physicians in their day to day activities.

Blockchain Developer – a blockchain holds transaction records, is 100% secure and is online. As banks and other businesses use blockchain technology to record and secure their transaction histories, this will be a growth industry.

HVAC Technician – climate control will always be in demand. There is a shortage of HVAC technicians, even as the industry grows, pushing wages higher.

You can find the best jobs for the future here.

Best Jobs In The World

If you ask 10 different people what the best job in the world is you’ll probably receive 11 different answers. Here are some options that would definitely make the list of the best jobs to have:

Professional Traveller – businesses in the travel industry need people to travel and then report on their experiences. As a travel correspondent you could travel nationally or internationally.

Private Yacht Crew – owners of large private yachts need crew. The work is usually long hours, but your uniform is shorts and t-shirt, you meet plenty of interesting people and get to travel to exotic locations around the world.

Private Aircraft Crew – private aircraft also need crew. Your shifts may be short or long, depending on the length of the flight.

Private Island Caretaker – there are thousands of privately owned islands around the world and they all need looking after. Most owners pay someone to do it for them.

Special Effects Artist – movies use special effects and someone needs to create them. This is a specialised role, however if you are artistic or have a flair for creating things, then your skills could be in demand.

Luxury Hotel Tester – yes, this is a real job and you could do it. Luxury hotels around the world need people to test their service, how comfortable their beds are and their overall service levels. They pay people to stay at their hotel and then report on their experience.

You can find the best jobs in the world here!

You can find a list of the Best Travel Jobs here

Best Online Jobs

If online is where you want to be then here are the best online jobs:

Blogger – businesses need bloggers to write content for them. You can work when it suits you and be paid per blog.

Social Media Manager – most businesses need help with their social media. If you understand social media better than most, then this could be for you.

Virtual Assistant – work for an individual or company. You work may be in a different region or country to the people you work for.

You can find the best online jobs here!

Best Sales Jobs

When it comes to sales, there can be a huge difference between roles when it comes to income, industry, type of sales, type of customer and required industry specific knowledge. So here are a range of the best sales jobs:

Real Estate Salesperson – selling property can be a lot of fun and very lucrative. Depending on where you live you many receive a retainer plus commission or be required to work straight commission only.

Technology sales – you could be selling software, services or products to small, medium or large businesses. You will receive a good salary plus commission.

Healthcare Industry Sales – you could be selling pharmaceuticals, medical equipment or services. You will receive a good salary plus commission.

Retail Sales – you’ll be selling to people who walk into your store. This is a less stressful sales job, however the trade off is your income is lower.

Leisure Industry Sales – you could be selling boats, planes or any other leisure products. This is a great way to mix your interests and career into one.

Business Sales – this includes finance and business products or services. Choose the industry you are most interested in.

You can find a full list and choose the best sales jobs here.

Best Healthcare Jobs & Best Medical Field Jobs

If the medical industry is your chosen field, then here are the best healthcare jobs:

Dentist, Orthodontist or Dental Assistant – you can work close to home, work business hours and earn a great income.

Doctor, Physician or Assistant – you can work close to home and work hours to suit you.

Veterinarian or Assistant – if you love animals, you can work close to home and work hours to suit you.

Physical Therapist – you can help people recover from injuries, you can work close to home and you’ll also earn a great income.

Check out the Best Nursing Jobs here.

You can find a full list of the best medical field jobs here.

Best Associate Degree Jobs

If you prefer not to study to obtain a full degree, you can still secure a great job. Here are the best associate degree jobs:

Air Traffic Controller – you’ll need to do some study and on the job training, then you’ll be qualified to direct air traffic.

Web Developer – depending on your computer skills, you may not need any formal training at all.

Computer Network Support Specialist – if you understand hardware as well as software, this is a role that is in constant demand.

Dental Hygienist – this is one of the best paid associate degree jobs. For dentists, a good dental hygienist is hard to find, so they’re prepared to pay them well when they find one.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer – use special medical imaging equipment to help doctors diagnose diseases and other medical conditions. This is another highly paid associate degree job.

Aerospace Engineer – check this out if being an aerospace engineer is for you.

You can find the best associate degree jobs here!

Best Jobs For Seniors Over 60 & Best Jobs For Retirees

Whether you’re looking for full time or part time work, these jobs are some of the best jobs for seniors over 60:

Consultant or Freelance Worker – if you have specific skills, hire them out to businesses looking for them. This could mean doing the job, or training others to do it.

Administrative Assistant – if you know your way around an office and have decent computer skills, there are plenty of companies looking for help doing their admin.

Childcare Worker – if you like working with kids, this may be perfect for you.

Bookkeeper – you can work from home and when it suits you.

Tutor – Work from home at times to suit you teaching subjects you have expertise in.

Tour Guide – if you live in a city of places of interest, then you can show those places to tourists and get paid while you’re at it.

Teacher’s Aide – if helping school kids, then this could be for you.

You can find the best jobs for retirees here, or check out the best freelance jobs here.

Or take a look here for the Best Transcription Jobs

Best Engineering Jobs

Here are the best engineering jobs:

Mechanical Engineer – there are a whole range of industries who need the skills of mechanical engineers. From manufacturing to automotive to aerospace and everything in between.

Civil Engineer – be instrumental in helping to build our cities and towns. There is huge demand for civil engineers.

Environmental Engineer – combine a knowledge of soil, science, biology and chemistry to solve environmental challenges.

Petroleum Engineer – design equipment that extracts oil from reservoirs underground or below the ocean floor.

Biomedical Engineer – design equipment for medical, pharmaceutical or scientific research industries.

You can find the best engineering jobs here

Best IT Jobs

IT is changing all the time and so do the roles. New jobs are being created as technology improves. For the best paying IT jobs check out this list of the best IT jobs.

Or check out the best IT jobs that are currently available.

Best Finance Jobs

Finance is all about the money, and that applies to salaries too. In the finance industry, the higher the better! Here’s a list of the best paying jobs in finance.

Or check out the best finance jobs that are currently available.


So, what is the best job for me, you ask. It could be a job with the best benefits. Or you may say it’s the best job near me, or you might need to consider the best self employed jobs that suit you, your family and your commitments.

Whatever it is, check out the best jobs currently available here.

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