Why A Resume Can Be A Disadvantage

Is your Resume killing your prospects of getting the job you want (or hiring the best candidate for the role)?

It’s time consuming looking through piles of resumes!

When an employer receives a large number of resumes for a position, they quickly scan each resume, make a quick judgment, then decide whether or not that person is someone they should look at further.

Experience and consistency of employment are the first things employers look for

Employers look for the length of time you’ve spent in previous roles and your overall time with your previous employers.

Resume scanning software is largely keyword driven

If you don’t have the key words in your resume that the software is scanning for, both you and the employer potentially miss what could have been a great match!

Some job moves are OK

You may have some job moves in the past that don’t look great at first glance. Some employers may penalize you for those even though you had valid reasons for the moves.

Connectzapp takes the judgment out for an employer and lets them see the true you.

Here’s why it’s ideal to get in front of an employer without them seeing your resume…

Resumes generally don’t show if you are a good fit for the company culture, have aligned values and show your compatibility compared to every other candidate.

Connectzapp shows the employer when you’re a great match

Then gives you the opportunity to talk to the employer prior to them making any assumptions.

Every job requires something different

Connectzapp notifies you when you have jobs matches so you don’t need to do all the hard work.  You can immediately see your compatibility and decide whether or not to pursue that opportunity. Easy!

Find the best role for you, or the best candidates for any role you need filled. Get Connectzapp now…

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