The quickest way to become a Veterinarian Assistant

The quickest way to become a Veterinarian Assistant

Veterinarian Assistant

A veterinary assistant or veterinary aide works under the supervision of a qualified vet or vet technician. They look after domesticated and farm animals, either in a veterinary clinic or on site where animals are.

Vet assistant Job duties include:

  • Monitoring animals after surgery
  • Sterilising surgical equipment
  • Collecting samples
  • Feeding and bathing animals
  • Cleaning cages

They work in close contact with animals on a daily basis, which at times includes working with abused animals or being present when an animal is euthanized. At times they can also run the risk of attack from animals so careful planning can be required in certain circumstances to prevent injury.

Depending on the veterinary clinic, work can be business hours, or may also include weekend and night work.

Check out these veterinary Assistant Jobs that require no qualifications

There are no formal qualifications required to become a veterinarian assistant, however attending further study in veterinary nursing will increase your chances of employment. There is no vet assistant school however most higher education institutions offer courses in veterinary nursing, technician and veterinary science.

Good veterinarian assistants can be hard to find for vet clinics, so if you have no experience yet have the desire to become a vet assistant, contact your local vet clinics and make sure they know you are available for work. If you can show them you have experience working with or being around animals, you have a high chance of securing a job.

Veterinary Receptionist Jobs

There are also opportunities to work as a veterinary receptionist. Job duties include the tasks of a receptionist, but working with animals on a daily basis.

Veterinary Technician Jobs

To become a veterinary technician requires a bachelor’s degree. You can specialise in:

  • Small animal medical and surgical nursing
  • Emergency and critical care
  • Anaesthesia
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Equine nursing
  • Farm animal health management
  • Practice management

A degree is usually 3 years and gives you a comprehensive understanding of animal diseases  and their management. On completion you will be a paraveterinary health care specialist experienced with the advanced technologies used in animal health management.

Whether you have experience and qualifications, or not, there is a vet job for you. Take a look!

Veterinarian Jobs

A veterinarian career involves serving the healthcare needs of animals, including domesticated animals, farm animals, zoo and laboratory animals and sometimes wild animals.

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