How to become a travel consultant and find the best travel agent job

What does a Travel Consultant or Travel Agent do?

Where are the best Travel Consultant & Travel Agent jobs?

The difference between travel agents and travel consultants

While both handle tours, travel routes, accommodation and the overall travel requirements of their clients, there is a difference between the two.

What is a travel consultant?

Travel consultants assist customers with travel advice and booking services when they want to travel. Travel consultants can work in a small or large travel agency, for a large corporation arranging travel plans for staff or they can work from home. They can specialise in domestic or international travel.

What is a travel agent?

Travel agents usually work for a travel company and also assist customers with travel advice and booking services however they may specialise in a particular destination, region or niche such as African safaris or cruises. So how do travel agents make money? They receive incentives from companies offering packaged holidays or rooms. The incentives may be in the form of bonuses or complimentary stays for their personal use.

What is a Tour Operator?

A tour operator will usually package holidays aimed at particular market segments, then sell those packages direct or through a travel agent.

Types of travel agent and travel consultant

These can be-

  • Online Travel Agent
  • Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Corporate Travel Agent
  • Independent travel consultant
  • Mobile travel agent
  • Cruise Travel Agent
  • Country specific such as Italy Travel Consultant or Japan Travel Consultant
  • Luxury Travel Consultant
  • Domestic travel consultant or travel agent
  • International Travel Consultant or Travel Agent
  • 1st Class Travel Consultant

There are also opportunities to be an after hours travel consultant or work from home.

What is a corporate travel consultant?

Corporate travel consultants usually work for a large corporation and handle the travel arrangements for staff of the company they work for. Some corporate travel consultants also handle the travel requirements for government employees such as politicians.

Duties and responsibilities of a travel consultant

Travel agent job description-

  • Establish client requirements, determining clients needs and desires
  • Provide information and recommend destinations
  • Provide transport and accommodation options
  • Notify clients of and recommend available tours
  • Suggest travel deals
  • Booking travel for clients
  • Collect payments from clients
  • Issue tickets for travel
  • Recommend travel insurance
  • Liaise with hotels, resorts, airlines, bus companies and tour operators etc
  • Ensure the customer the relevant documentation in order (including passports etc)
  • Confirming travel dates
  • Provide the customer with the required documentation including their itinerary
  • Market and sell holiday products
  • Have a good working knowledge of holiday options
  • Meet sales targets
  • Be travel accredited to assist Australian travellers

An International travel consultant job description is the same as above and is focused on international travel.

Travel agents and consultants can work full time or part time.

What makes a good travel consultant?

Travel consultant skills and qualities-

  • Professional presentation
  • Good communication skills
  • Enjoy interacting with people
  • Be well organised
  • An interest in travel
  • Travel experience
  • Awareness of local customs of destinations
  • Knowledge of destinations and options
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Able to work under pressure when required

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How often do travel consultants travel?

Travel consultants and agents travel frequently. They can regularly go on discounted trips to holiday destinations. Hotel companies often offer discounted or free stays for travel consultants and agents to experience their hotels and resorts so they will encourage their clients to book and pay for a holiday at one of the hotel company’s hotels or resort locations.

Is travel consultant a good job?

Should you work as a travel consultant? Being a travel consultant or agent means you are in travel sales. If you enjoy-

  • Speaking and interacting with people
  • Helping people with their travel plans
  • Travelling
  • Being meticulous and have attention to detail
  • Working as part of a small team

Then you may enjoy the job.

How much do travel agents earn?

Typical travel consultant salary or travel agent salary-

  • Salary – $31,000 to $60,000
  • Commission – around $10,000
  • Bonus – $1500
  • Profit Sharing – $1000

This makes the gross travel consultant hourly rate between $20.91 and $34.86 per hour. The above includes international travel agent salary and junior travel consultant salary.

How to become a travel agent

To become a certified travel consultant requires completing a certified travel agent course (also travel consultant training course) such as Certificate III in Travel. This is run by The Australian Federation of Travel Agents. It is also possible to study at TAFE. Some employers also offer study opportunities. It is usually recommended for consultants to join the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA). Travel agents should also achieve ATAS accreditation.

Once you have completed your studies you will need to prepare your resume and write a cover letter to apply for jobs. Some resources to help you are-

Travel Consultant CV

To write a Travel Consultant CV that will get noticed, go here.

Ensure your CV includes your

  • Travel consultant skills
  • Travel consultant education
  • Travel consultant course completion

Travel Consultant Cover Letter

To write a 4 sentence Travel Consultant cover letter that will get you an interview, go here.

This also works as a cover letter for travel consultants with no experience

Job interview questions for travel consultant

For more on how best to answer the travel consultant interview questions you may be asked learn the 3 biggest things a hiring Manager wants to know about you.

Future of travel agents

Tech has disrupted many industries and the travel industry is the same. It is now possible to book airfares and holidays online without ever contacting a professional to help.

However, the skills and knowledge of travel agents and travel consultants has shown to be valued by people intending to make travel plans and there is no indication that this will change.

So if you are considering a career as a travel agent or travel consultant, you should enjoy many years of enjoyable work ahead of you.

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