Top 5 Skills Recruiters Need Today

Recruitment is more competitive today than it’s ever been.

Technology, social media, the higher number of agencies & individual recruiters, and other changes in the industry & across the economy, have made it much more competitive for recruiters to make money.

But with the negatives, there are positives.

There are a lot of opportunities to make more money, particularly with the average placement fee being much higher than what it was 10 or 20 years ago.

So here are the top 5 skills you need as a recruiter today to help you make more money, have happier clients and have more time to yourself so you’re less stressed and more productive.

The first skill is to be effective at challenging your client’s thinking.

A lot of companies are set in their ways when it comes to hiring, so to place a great candidate with a company, sometimes it takes educating the company on why the candidate you want to put forward is the best person for the job, even if they don’t tick all the traditional boxes.

Employers need to use modern thinking when it comes to hiring, so educate employers as to how the job market is now, not how it used to be.

Show companies that you know the employment market, who is available to hire and why. Show them data that supports what you’re telling them.

The second skill is the ability to locate hard to find talent.

Job boards have their place obviously, but they are awash with your competition. So don’t just use job boards. Go direct and source your own talent.

Cold calling potential candidates can yield great results, or to cover more ground faster, use Connectzapp.

The way Connectzapp works is, you enter the details of the role you’re placing for. You’re then given a list of suitable candidates that are matched to that role, with the most suitable at the top.

You then swipe through each candidate, choose the ones you prefer and put them into a shortlist. You can then contact each candidate.

It’s easy, but most importantly, it’s quick. So if you’re in a race to find a good candidate to place in a role, then Connectzapp could produce that candidate very quickly for you, so you get the placement fee. Not your competition.

So get Connectzapp on the App Store or Google Play or go to and make the time to find the best candidate for the roles you’re placing for, as short as possible.

The third skill is Sales and Marketing competence.

This skill is even more important now, than what it was in the past.

Show the brand of the company in the most effective way and sell the candidate on why it’s a great position for them, what the perks are, why the company culture is great and why it’ll be great for them.

Know all these things before you talk to the candidate so you can sell them on the job and show them why it’s the right choice for them.

The fourth skill is being great at turning passive candidates into applicants.

Passive candidates usually have a current job, are high skilled in many cases, and might be interested in looking at what another company can offer them.

They might be interested in-

  • Better work hours
  • Higher pay
  • More work flexibility
  • More or Less responsibility
  • Working closer to home

This type of candidate is someone who will be in demand in their industry, so if you find out what their frustrations are in their current role and what they’d like in another position, you can open their mind to moving, so you can place them.

So show them why the company you’d like to place them with will be better for them than where they are now.

The better the job you do of showing a candidate like this how much greener the grass is on the other side of the fence, the more likely you are to place them in a role.

Skill number 5 is the ability to leverage data.

There is more data available to you than ever these days.

Using data to support your recommendation that a candidate accept a position with the company you’re recommending to them, can increase the likelihood they’ll accept the position.

Empathize with the candidate and show them that you know what you’re talking about, that you know what you’re doing, so they feel comfortable with accepting the position, and importantly, stay in their new position so you decrease your drop off rate.

So there are the 5 top skills recruiters need in today’s competitive market.

And lastly…

There are great people out there, so get ‘em!

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