Thinking About A Job In Recruitment — The Pros and Cons

If you’re thinking of getting into recruitment and want to know what it’s like to work as a recruiter…

And if you’d like to know if YOU are the type of person who could do well as a recruiter, then…

Today I’ll take you through the pros and cons of becoming a recruiter so you can get a clearer picture of what it’s like to be a recruiter.

Then we’ll go through the qualities you need to do well when you’re a recruiter.

So let’s got through the top 3 pros of being a recruiter.

The first one…

Is you’re helping people find the right job, which sometimes can be a life changing experience for them.

When you place some people into a role, you’ll have a made a huge difference in their life, and they’ll be forever grateful.

It’s a great feeling, and these are the people who will also recommend you as a recruiter, to everyone they meet.

So when you’re a recruiter, you’re in a position to help people get what they want in life, which at times is very satisfying when it goes well for them.

The second…

Great thing about being a recruiter is you can make money fast.

You’re rewarded financially for doing your job.

You can work as a salaried employee where you receive a base salary plus commission, or you can work on a straight commission basis.

When you’re a salaried employee, you still get paid your base salary even if you have a bad month.

When you’re on straight commission, you only get paid when you make a successful placement. However you usually receive a higher percentage of the placement fee the employer pays the agency you work for, so you have the potential to earn more money than when you’re on a salary.

So it’s up to you which way you’d prefer to be paid. Do what you’re comfortable with obviously.

The third…

Great thing about recruitment is that every day is different.

There is a normal rhythm to what you do every day obviously, but on top of that, because you’re dealing with people all day every day, every day is different.

People by nature, can be unpredictable.

They get emotional, they change their mind, or their circumstances change. All these things can affect their decision. This is what makes recruitment challenging at times, but it also makes it fun and rewarding.

Now for the top 3 cons of being a recruiter

The first one… is rejection.

You’ve got to be able to handle it and not take it to heart.

When you have a candidate lined up to take a position you’re trying to fill, and they’re ready to accept the position and the employer is ready to take them, then they’re offered another position by another company or recruiter, and they decide to take that job, it’s disappointing and frustrating.

You can try to convince the candidate to take the job you’ve recommended to them, but when they decide to take the other job they’ve been offered, all the work you’ve done on placing that candidate is for nothing.

You’ve got have the confidence to brush that disappointment off and move on, even though you’re disappointed.

The second con for being a recruiter… is that you’ll need to work long hours.

This can impact on your after work activities like going to the gym, or family time, or any other after work activities you have.

But the financial and emotional rewards are there, so this is something you need to decide for yourself whether the rewards outweigh the negative.

The third con about being a recruiter… is that you’re the meat in the sandwich.

What this means is if there is an issue with either the candidate or the employer, it’s your responsibility to manage the other side’s expectations.

So if a candidate decides against a role you’ve recommended them for, you need to talk to the employer about it and manage their disappointment so they stay with you and you can find another candidate.

If an employer finds another person for a role and your candidate misses out on it, then you need to manage your candidate’s expectations so they’ll stay with you and you can find them another role.

This can sometimes mean a lot of back and forth between employers and candidates.

So being a recruiter means you’re the person in the middle. Which also means either the candidate or employer can sometimes blame you for things not going to plan, even when it’s not your fault.

So how do you know if recruitment is for you?

There are 3 things to consider if you’re thinking of becoming a recruiter.

The first one… is you’ve got to be a people person.

You’ve got to like dealing with people, because in recruitment you’re talking to people all day every day.

So if this is something you enjoy, then recruitment could be for you.

The second… is that recruitment is a sales role.

When you’re a recruiter, you need to sell the role to the candidate and sell the candidate to the employer.

And you have to do it, so the candidate will stay in the role and the employer will want them to stay.

This may sound like a difficult ask, but it’s something recruiters do. That’s when you get paid. So, when you get into recruitment, you’ll be expected to do it too.

The third thing… is you’ve got to have a bit of steel in you and not take rejection to heart.

When you’ve spent a lot of time going back and forth between an employer and a candidate you’ve put forward for the role they need filled, if one of them doesn’t got through with it, whatever the reason, and if you can’t get the placement back on track no matter what you do, then you need to understand that it’s not you, not take it personally, and move onto the next placement you can make.

You’ve always got to keep your eye on the next placement.

So when a placement doesn’t work out, and some just don’t, you’ve got to keep your eye on the next placement.

No one gets 100% of their placements over the line, so don’t take it to heart when one falls over.

A lot of the time recruitment is about speed.

The faster you can place a candidate in a role for an employer, the more likely you are to be paid for the placement, instead of another recruiter or agency doing the placement and getting paid the fee.

So the faster you can find the best candidate for a role the better.

A great way to do that is to use Connectzapp to find great candidates for any role.

The way it works is you enter the details of the role you need to place for. You’re then given a list of candidates who are a good match for the role, who are ranked in order with the best matched candidate at the top.

You then swipe through each candidate, choose the one’s you like to best, make a shortlist with those people, then contact them direct.

It’s easy and it’s fast.

The candidates can also see they’re a good match for the role so they want to hear from you.

So to find candidates that you place in a role fast, use Connectzapp.

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Good Luck!

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