The 90/10 Rule… in job hunting (and how to win over your interviewer)

If you’re one of those people who gets nervous before an interview, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a sure fire way to get rid of your nerves and blitz any interview you attend.

It’s the 90/10 rule.

If you keep the 90/10 rule firmly in mind when you’re in an interview, you’ll impress the interviewer, and in many cases, enough to the point where they offer you the job.

So what is the 90/10 rule?

I’ll take you through it…

First up though, before you even get to the interview, you always have the best chance of being offered the job when the hiring manager knows you’re a good candidate for the job even before they meet you.

The way to do that is to use Connectzapp to get in front of the hiring managers who are hiring for the jobs you’re interested in.

You go to, enter the details of the job you’re after. You’re then shown a list of jobs that suit what you’re looking for, ranked in order with the most suited job at the top.

You then swipe though each job, put the one’s you’re most interested in into your shortlist, then contact those employers direct.

It’s quick and simple.

If none of the jobs appeal to you, then just wait. Recruiters and hiring managers search Connectzapp all the time, so when they find your profile, they’ll contact you.

You can then decide to pursue the job they’re offering when they contact you, or you can pass. It’s up to you.

Either way, it’s a great way to get recruiters and hiring managers chasing you for a change, not the other way round.

So give it a try. Go to or get the app.

Now to the 90/10 rule.

The 90/10 rule is all about your conviction.

Your conviction to do your homework on the company before you sit down for the interview.

Your conviction to impress the interviewer.

Your conviction to get the job,

The 90/10 rule is about spending at least 90% of your focus on getting the job.

Hiring managers love to hire people who have conviction to do the job.

Someone with conviction is someone a company can rely on to get the job done.

People with conviction work well autonomously. They can be relied on to get the job done come what may.

An employee with conviction is a company’s ideal employee.

So when you’re in the interview, show your conviction to do a good job, and very importantly, tell them why you have the conviction to do the job.

The hiring manager will be impressed.

Your conviction is a strong belief in what you do or say.

When you’re speaking during the interview, don’t use filler words like um or ahh.

Instead, be definitive.

Use definitive hand gestures to show the person you’re speaking to that you’re fully engaged and mean what you say…. that you have conviction.

When you make a point, look the person in the eye who you’re speaking with. Your point will have more impact when you do.

Focus on the quality of your connection with the person you’re speaking to. A high quality connection means you’re more likely to be offreed the job.

So be fully engaged and passionate about the job.

So develop a high conviction mindset, because when you do you’re powerful.

And most people move towards power.

This means your interviewer is more likely to like and respect you, and of course, hopefully offer you the job.

So try the 90/10 rule when you’re asked in for your next interview.

And lastly…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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