The 30% Rule — How To be Confident In Any Situation

If you’re like most people and feel nervous when you’re asked in for an interview, then you’re in the right place, because today I’ll go through how to show any interviewer you’re a serious candidate for any job you’ve applied for, so they seriously consider shortlisting you, or even offer you the job.

A big part of interviewing well is how you project your confidence to do the job.

There are 2 types of confidence

· External Confidence — which is the confidence you project to others

· Internal Confidence — which is the confidence you feel

So let’s go through the 4 best ways you can act confident and BE confident in an interview or any other situation for that matter.

I’ll also go through the 30% rule which, when you use it in situations where you’re feeling less confident, will help you feel more confident and project more confidence.

Remember that when you’re looking for work, the easiest way to feel relaxed and confident in an interview is when you know that the company wants you.

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So let’s go through the 4 best ways you can be more confident in interviews, and any other situation you might find yourself in where you’re feeling more than a few nerves.

1. Relaxed body language

The first is to have relaxed body language

When you’re in an interview, sit comfortably. This helps you to relax. It also makes you look relaxed.

You should also move freely around the environment you’re in. This signals a sense of comfort and ownership in whatever environment you’re in.

If you act like the boss wherever you are, it gives you the ultimate feeling of comfort. Now you shouldn’t take it that far when you’re in an interview, however to show you’re comfortable –

· When you stand, have your feet shoulder width apart

· When you sit, lean back in your chair when you sit down

· Keep eye contact when you’re making an important point in a conversation

Something that is harder to do, but projects great confidence is not fidgeting. This projects a deeper layer of confidence. So be aware of what you hands are doing. Keep them still.

2. Be Non-reactive

The second thing is to be non-reactive.

What I mean by this is, when people get into a stressful situation, they tend to react to things in a more pronounced way. This gives them away, particularly in an interview.

However, when you remain non reactive, it shows you’re not pressured by the circumstances around you. And that makes you come across as more powerful.

Feeling your feelings is important, but letting them get out of control tends to make situations worse, so by keeping a relaxed non-reactive demeanour gives you more confidence and shows the other people in the situation, that you’re someone who has it all together.

So when circumstances get tough, being non-reactive and remaining calm gives you the ability to think clearly and deal with the circumstances in a better way.

As a general rule, we expect ourselves to respond faster to stressful situations than what other people expect of us. This is because time feels faster when you’re stressed.

Most people rush and only give themselves 30% of the time to respond, compared to what they give someone else.

This is why we all find it hard to pause before we respond, even when we know it adds impact to our response to a question or statement, and also gives us more opportunity to get our thoughts together.

So next time you’re in a stressful situation like an interview…

Pause, take a breath and slow down. That way you’ll have the time to respond positively to the situation. You’ll also project to the other people present that you’re relaxed and in control.

3. Don’t Necessarily Try To Convince People

The third thing is to not necessarily try to convince people.

What I mean by this is to not necessarily try to convince the person you’re speaking to of your point of view or opinion.

This can help you frame yourself as an equal partner in the situation you’re in, particularly an interview.

One of the ways we all decide if we want to associate with someone is by how much they want to associate with us.

Of course, we like people who are interested in us, but when projecting confidence, it’s important to be prepared to speak up, or figuratively speaking, be prepared to walk away if circumstances tip away from our favour.

Step into the mindset of… ‘it looks like we may not be a match, thanks for your time. I wish you all the best’.

Now, you may not actually say that and walk out of an interview, but thinking along those lines helps you step back from the situation a bit and take more control of the narrative.

4. The Belief That, No Matter What, You’ll Be OK

The fourth thing is the belief that, no matter what happens, you’ll be OK.

The way to do that is to live it. This means you can tell the truth and not worry about what any one else expects or thinks of you, including someone interviewing you.

When you’re authentic like this, you’ll also find that haring managers and recruiters appreciate how real you are. They’ll find it attractive.

When you have the belief that you’ll be OK, it becomes easier to project external confidence, which gives you even more internal confidence, which gives you even more of a feeling that you’ll be OK whatever happens.

You’re OK and you’ll be OK.

So there are the 4 BEST ways to project confidence-

1. Use Relaxed Body Language

2. Be Non-Reactive

3. Don’t Necessarily Try To Convince People

4. The Belief That, No Matter What happens, You’ll Be OK

Remember them the next time you’re in an interview or any situation you feel nervous or stressed.

And keep the 30% rule in mind. Your natural propensity to react speeds up in situations you find stressful or nervous in. So slow yourself down.

When the hiring manager interviewing you knows you’re a good candidate for the job, the conversation between you and them is a lot easier and less stressful for you.

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Give it a try.

And lastly…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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