Tell me About Yourself — The Perfect Answer For Your Job Interview

A common interview question is…
Tell me about yourself.

Because it’s so easy for a hiring manager to ask, it gets asked A LOT in interviews.

It’s one of those interview questions that seems easy to answer but can be a bit of a curve ball.

It can be easy to say the wrong things or ramble or give the wrong impression when you answer, if you’re not prepared.

So today I’ll give you the best way to answer this question so you impress the hiring manager and they take you one step closer to be offered the job.

The first thing…

Is to not talk about your personal life.

An interview is a professional setting and the hiring manager is less interested in your personal life, than they are about how you’ll perform on the job.

So keep your answer on the job, not your personal life.

The second thing…

Is give the hiring manager a quick snapshot of your recent work history.

So for the last few jobs you’ve had, and only the last few, tell the hiring manager-

  • The name of the company you worked for
  • Your Position title
  • The number of years you spent in the role
  • And your major responsibilities

Then for each job, talk about your major achievements in the role.

The achievements that most impress hiring managers are achievements where you made things cheaper for your employer, or more profitable, or more efficient, or brought the team together more, or whatever it was that you can say you did or contributed to that made you an asset to the company.

Obviously, by talking about this, you’re showing the hiring manager how valuable you were to other companies, which by default, means you’re showing the hiring manager how valuable you’ll be for their company.

Then the third thing…

Is to talk about what you LEARNED at the other company when you reduced costs, or increased profits or made things more efficient or whatever it was.

Talk about how much smarter and better at your job, the experience made you.

Then the fourth and last thing…

Is to explain to the hiring manager what you know about the role you’re applying for and how you can use your past experience to reduce costs, or increase profits or make things more efficient, or whatever it is you talked about previously.

What you’ve done when you do this is explain to the hiring manager what you’ve done, how good you were at it, what you’ve learned and how you’re going to apply all this to their business to make their business better.

So the next time you’re asked the question…
Tell me about yourself,

Try these 4 points. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well it goes for you.

If you do it well enough, you may even be offered the job!

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And lastly…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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