Start looking in the right place for your perfect job

It can take a looooong time to find the right job!

It can very, very, VERY frustrating!!

Combing through job boards, talking to recruiters who may or may not put you forward to employers, and then networking, hoping someone you know knows someone who may open the door to a great job for you. This… all… takes… time!

Your time and effort still doesn’t guarantee you’ll secure a role with a company that’s the right ‘fit’ for you!

When the company culture and values are in sync with your own, you’re happiest and most productive, which is ideal for both you and the company.

What you need is a way to find the best role for you that is also a great cultural fit for you.

Connectzapp matches job seekers and employers for the role and cultural fit, so both benefit.

When you enter the details of the role you’re after, you are given a ranked shortlist of roles you’re matched to.

You then choose the roles you’re most interested in and contact those employers.

And this takes minutes… not days, weeks or months!

Connectzapp gives you a ranked shortlist of the best suited roles for you!

For Employers, you are given a ranked shortlist of the best suited candidates for and role you need filled!

It’s about time!

Try it now…

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