How to get the best retail jobs, where they are and who is hiring

How To Get The Best Retail Jobs

Where They Are And Who Is Hiring

Retail Work

A retail worker generally works at a shop or store selling the product of the company they work for. There are plenty of different retail jobs to choose from, so depending on your interests, skills and experience there are a wide range of jobs you can choose to work in.

Sales Assistant

A retail assistant or retail sales associate is the easiest work to pick up. A store associate or retail associate requires very little training in most cases, which makes the job a great way for someone with little or no retail experience to enter the retail industry and learn on the job.

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Store Manager Jobs

A store manager, assistant store manager or retail manager is the next step up from a retail sales associate. When you have gained some experience as a sales assistant there is the opportunity to use that experience as a store manager or assistant store manager.

Some companies promote their people quickly. For example some fast food restaurants can promote their people who show the right qualities such as reliability, team work and the ability to learn quickly on the job, to store manager within months.

Merchandising Jobs

A retail merchandiser or visual merchandiser uses their design flair and experience to promote the image, products and services of retail businesses. They can also work with other non retail businesses to help promote their products and services.

They create eye catching displays and store layouts to attract customers and encourage them to buy.

If you have a flair for design and image, then this is a role that may suit you. You can study to become a visual merchandiser, or depending on the company you work for, you could learn and develop your skills on the job.

Buying Jobs

A retail buyer purchases the products to be sold in store and online. They source suppliers and products, then choose what products will be sold by their company. This makes a retail buyer a critical part of the business because depending on the products the retailer sells, their product choices can have a huge impact on the sales of the business.

The choices of a Fashion buyer are critical to the health and profitability of the business, whereas the product decisions of a buyer working for a supermarket are not nearly as important.

This is why, as a fashion buyer, you need to have your finger on the pulse of the market, as well as being able to spot new trends.

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Retail clerk

If you are good with numbers and like dealing with the paperwork, being a retail clerk may be the job for you.

A retail clerk supports the customer facing retail sales staff by receiving merchandise, taking orders, totalling bills, accepting payments and sometimes acting as cashier working the register.

Bakery Jobs

Bakery Jobs include preparing and baking bread and serving the customers of the bakery. Nowadays there are retail bakery shops everywhere and they are a great place to start your retail or working career.

Bakers are up early to bake bread so it is fresh and ready for customers that day, so as a baker you will have early morning starts. If your role is to serve customers, your hours will still involve starting early, however your hours are more aligned with normal business hours.

Butcher Jobs

Retail butcher jobs involve buying in animal carcasses, then slicing them into cuts of meat to be sold. This may also include marinating cuts of meat to make them more appealing to buyers. You are also required to serve customers.

Wholesale butcher jobs may also involve slaughtering animals, mainly for beef, pork or poultry and selling the carcass to retail butcher shops.

Best Retail Jobs

So what are the best retail jobs? That depends on your point of view and what is important to you. If you are after the highest paying retail jobs then look for a position where you are offered a commission on sales you make. You should also consider how many opportunities you will have in a position to be promoted and how quickly the opportunities for promotion come up.

However, the best retail job to you may be working for a company who cares about you and it’s customers, or where you have the opportunity to buy their products (i.e. clothes) at a discount, or it may be the job that is close to home or part time. It’s up to you.

Retail is a great industry to be a part of that offers a lot of flexibility to workers in very different environments selling very different products, so choose what appeals to you the most.

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