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If you’re thinking of getting into recruitment, or are already in the industry, you’ll earn more when you use the best strategies to find clients and then place them in a role where they’re the best fit.

So today I’ll go through some of the best strategies you can use in your recruitment career to earn the highest income possible and have loyal clients that keep coming back to you over and over.

Before I get into it though, if you’re not yet in recruitment, there are 2 main types of recruiters-

  • In-House or Internal recruiters
  • Agency recruiters

In-House Recruiter

An In-House Recruiter works for the company they’re placing staff for. They source and then place people into roles their company needs filled.

So when you work as an in-house recruiter, you’re recruiting new people for the company you work for.

Agency Recruiter

An agency recruiter (sometimes called a head hunter) works in an agency so has to find companies who need staff, then find candidates for the roles their client companies need filled.

Whether you’re an in-house recruiter or an agency recruiter, the way you find candidates to fill a job opening is much the same.

Obviously, in-house recruiters don’t need to find client companies who need staff because they’re only placing candidates with the company they work for, so let’s go through what the best agency recruiters do, because if you’re an in-house recruiter or thinking of becoming one, you can use the same strategies as an agency recruiter to find candidates.

As an agency recruiter, the more people you place in a given time frame, the more money you make.

It’s a fast paced environment, often where speed means the difference between placing the candidate, and being paid the recruitment fee, or missing out completely.

So you need to be the type of person who enjoys, and thrives in, a fast paced environment.

But you also need take the long term view, and do the right thing by your clients, so they’ll come back to you again and again.

So here are the 3 best tips to help you make more money in your recruitment career.

The first tip is to concentrate on one industry.

When you concentrate on one industry, you get to know it intimately, which means you can place candidates in the right role more effectively, so both the candidate and their new employer are the best fit possible.

When you concentrate on one industry you get to know the jargon people in that industry use, but most importantly, you build up a client list of companies and candidates, so when you become aware of a new role or candidate, you can make a quick placement, and receive the placement fee quickly too.

If you have previously worked in the industry, that’s even better. This gives you in depth experience into who the best candidates are for various roles, which means you place better, so your drop off rate is reduced.

A low drop off rate means you use less time finding a replacement candidate for a placement you’ve already been paid for.

This obviously means you can spend more time on dollar productive activity. In other words, finding a role that needs to be filled, then finding the right candidate to fill it, so you receive a placement fee.

The second tip is to prospect strategically.

Agency recruiters need to prospect twice. First for client companies who need staff, then secondly for candidates to fill roles.

Some industries and companies need staff more often than others. Some industries find it difficult to fill certain roles.

So concentrate on the industries and maybe even certain roles within a given industry where there is either high staff turnover or companies find it difficult to find staff.

These are the placements you can do a lot of in a given time frame. And if you have a low drop off rate, you can spend most of your time placing candidates, which means you’ll earn more placement fees.

This is the key to earning a large income from recruitment.

The third tip is to have the edge over your competition by using Connectzapp to find candidates.

Conncetzapp will help you find candidates fast so you can put forward the best candidate for any new role you’re placing for, as quickly as possible.

The way it works is you enter the details of the role you’re placing for. You’re then given a list of the most suitable candidates for the role ranked in order, with the most suited candidate at the top.

Then swipe through each candidate, choose the ones you prefer, put them into your shortlist, then contact them.

The whole process takes minutes, which means you can place candidates fast, so you beat your competition to the placement fee.

So use Connectzapp to find candidates fast.

You can get it on the app store or Google Play or go to

By using these 3 tips you can show your client companies that you know what you’re doing, AND have them listen to the advice you give them, which makes your job easier and helps you earn the highest income possible.

You can also show candidates why the company you’re recommending they work for, is the right fit for them.

And lastly…

There are great people out there… so go get ‘em!

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