Recruiters’ Job Made Easy

A recruiter’s time is valuable.

They don’t always have time to read cover letters or every part of a resume.

When they do, they skim read looking for the words they’re after that catch their eye.

When a recruiter takes a new role from a client they know they have to match a candidate to the role on many different levels.

These aren’t always apparent from a candidate’s cover letter or resume.

Employers want a candidate to have the strengths and values that are important for the role, and to be the right cultural fit for the company.

The candidate needs to match to the role.

Connectzapp does this for you. It makes the whole process simple and fast… just what a recruiter needs!

By giving you a list of matched and ranked candidates it’s easy to see who’s the best for the role.

You then contact your preferred candidates and schedule a time to speak… simple!

And it’s quick!

It only takes a few minutes.

Recruiters deserve a technology that saves time and makes them more productive!

Try it…

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