How do you become a Park Ranger? What are the best careers working with animals? What about agronomy jobs?

How do you become a Park Ranger?

What are the best careers working with animals?

What about agronomy jobs?

Careers Working With Animals

Working with animals is very rewarding. If you love animals, then a career working with animals could be perfect for you.

There are a wide variety of jobs available that involve working with animals. Here are the most common.

Conservation Wildlife Jobs

Conservation jobs involve looking after mainly wild animals. It takes time to learn about various species of animals, however if you grew up in the country, have spent a lot of time with wild animals, or grew up on a farm, then you probably already have great experience and have a huge head start for a career in animal conservation.

Some of the wildlife jobs available are:

  • Wildlife Manager – Maintains or manipulates wildlife populations and habitats to maintain equilibrium or population growth and health
  • Wildlife Technician – Collects data for and works alongside a Wildlife Manager
  • Wildlife Administrator – Administers and provides budgets, giving assistance to stakeholders to provide sound management of wildlife and habitats
  • Wildlife Biologist – Gathers and interprets data regarding disease, behaviour, nutrition and other factors affecting species
  • Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer – Enforces laws and regulations to maintain wildlife populations and conservation
  • Wildlife Inspector and Forensics Specialist – Stationed at airports, ocean ports and border crossings, they prevent illegal animal smuggling
  • Wildlife Policy Analyst – Often working for governments, industry groups or other organisations, they apply wildlife management theories and practices to regulations governing wildlife and habitats.
  • GIS Specialist – Works with Geographic Information Systems to interpret data and make management and policy recommendations regarding wildlife and habitats
  • Wildlife Economist – Performs economic analyses of natural resources to support habitats and wildlife, assess damage, and environmental plans
  • Wildlife Consultant – Evaluates ecosystems to assess environmental impacts from proposals
  • Wildlife Educator – Teaches students about wildlife, habitats and all the facets of conservation
  • Public Educator – Teaches and consults to private and public organisations about wildlife management and conservation.
  • Communications and Public relations Specialist – Writes articles and news releases, creates brochures and websites, and uses other means of communication to present wildlife research and conservation programs to the public

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Animal Care Jobs

Popular careers with animals include looking after domesticated animals through farming and pet care. These include:

  • Veterinarian jobs,
  • Animal control Jobs
  • Animal care jobs such as per sitting and grooming
  • Farm jobs (Farm Hand Jobs)

Agronomy Jobs

Agronomy involves producing and using plants for food, fuel and fibre. The aim of plant breeding is to better adapt their genetics to human needs.

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Park Ranger Jobs

Park Ranger Jobs, also called Forest Ranger Jobs involve supervising and managing national parks, scenic areas, historic sites, nature reserves and other recreational areas.

Usually they are government roles, however private organisations also employ Park Rangers.

Would you like to be a Park Ranger or Forest Ranger?

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