Operations Agent: Description and the best paid jobs

Operations Agent

Description… and where to find the best paid jobs

What is an Operations Agent?

An Airline Operations Agent receives and transmits information to pilots, ground crew, flight schedulers and fuelers. They prioritise what needs to be done and when. If a flight is overbooked it is their responsibility to fix the situation so flight schedules are not impacted.

An Airport Operations Agent usually works at a large airport patrolling and inspecting the airport airfield and terminal areas for possible hazards, security breaches and maintenance issues.

They conduct ongoing inspections of assigned areas of the airport to ensure adherence to rules, safety procedures and regulations.

Airline Operations Agent Job Description

Duties include:

  • Track passenger and luggage numbers
  • Track fuel amounts
  • Ensure luggage is secure during flight
  • Ensure safety procedures are adhered to

They work closely with ramp personnel and the airport station agent or manager.

Operations agents require good communications skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Operations Agent Hours

Work is not 9-5pm. Work can be during business hours, on weekends, nights and public holidays.

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