The New World Of References

You blitz the interview, you impress the employer but there is just one box left to tick…. your references. Securing the role depends on them.

Nowadays, it’s easy to check out a company or potential new hire

Today it is so much easier to check people out using social connections. People are happy to give you recommendations if they know you personally or have worked with you.

Employers LOVE to see great recommendations!

Employers want to see that the person they are considering employing has great recommendations. We all heed the advice of friends or colleagues when they recommend something. The same applies here.

Having your work colleagues recommend you is as powerful as your boss giving you a reference. Quality personal recommendations are valuable to employers.

Does your organization attract the best candidates?

The best employees want to work with the best employers. They are happier and more productive.

It’s easier than ever for potential hires to do their research on your company to find out what your current employees say about working there.

A Large Number Of High Quality Recommendations Is Key

Whether you are looking for a new role with a new employer or need to employ more staff, a large number of quality recommendations is the key.

People take into account what someone else has to say about you.

In sales, third party stories are gold! If a current customer recommends your product or service to a potential new customer, there is a good chance that new customer will buy.

Recommendations do the same for you when you are looking for work.

If you’re an employer, current and past employee recommendations for your company can make the difference between securing a great candidate or not (or even worse, losing them to a competitor!).

Get those recommendations!

Who do you know who can recommend you or your company?

Work colleagues, clients or customers, friends and family. They can all give you a great recommendation!

As an employee, every great recommendation you receive makes it easier to secure the role you really want.

As an employer, every great recommendation for your company helps you secure the best candidate for any role.

People WANT to recommend you!

We are in the era of social endorsements. People want to back you!

So impress your future employer or candidates and show them just how many people are willing to put their name behind you or your company!

Get more recommendations now…

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