Here’s a full list of the best jobs for veterans, including what they are, and where they are.

Here’s a Full List of the Best Jobs for Veterans,
Including What They Are, and Where They Are.

Job For Veterans

There are plenty of great careers for veterans when they retire from the military. There are also many military friendly employers who value the skills and experience a vet has after they have left service. Veteran employment is seen as a way to employ great people, with the added bonus or giving back to those who have served. Vets have a reputation for honesty and integrity, which employers value highly.

As a vet, you may need to do some extra training to secure the job you want, however the military training you also possess will be in demand from many employers.

If you are a vet and have left the military, here are some of the best career options for you to consider:

Healthcare – A profession in healthcare gives you the opportunity to use your skills and channel them into a rewarding career. Your skills and experience could be used in:

  • Hospital operations
  • Logistics
  • Registered nursing
  • Medical research
  • Administration

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Government – Public administration has plenty of opportunities for career advancement and offers flexible hours. There are thousands of government jobs, so choose the ones where you can put your particular set of skills and experience to good use.

Defense Contracting – There are plenty of private organisations involved in defence who value your skills and experience. From manufacturers to service providers, defence contractors are a large employer of vets. And in many cases they also offer very competitive salaries.

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IT and Technology – This industry offers you the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge you gained in the military and apply them to the tech industry. Tech is well known for its high salaries too.

Law Enforcement – This is a popular choice for vets. Your skills and experience are well regarded. Options for employment include:

  • Police Officer
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Emergency Dispatcher
  • Corrections Officer

Retail – If you are looking for work with flexible hours and close to home, retail is a great choice. Options for work in the retail industry include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Management

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Manufacturing – The manufacturing industry values the experience, skills and work ethic vets bring to the industry. There are thousands of manufacturing job opportunities, so choose the ones you are best suited for.

Transportation – This industry covers jobs from courier driver to truck driver and everything in between. If being out and about is your preference, a job in the transportation industry could be perfect for you.

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Highest Paying Jobs After The Military

The average vet earns around $70,000 per annum when they enter civilian life. However, If you are looking for the highest paid jobs for vets then here are 7 of the highest paying jobs to consider after leaving the military. You will need a bachelor’s degree for most, so if you already have one or are willing to do the study, then these are some of the highest paid jobs to consider.

  1. IT Program Manager – If you have experience commanding troops then this may be great for you. It requires leadership of subordinate employees.
    Salary – around $140,000pa
  2. IT Project Manager – You are required to ensure various pieces of technology projects are delivered on time, within budget and mistake free.
    Salary – around $120,000pa
  3. Business Development Manager – You are required to formulate and execute a strategy to grow a business. This involves sales and marketing.
    Salary – Between $80,000 to $100,000pa
  4. Software Developer – Develop software for private and public organisations.Salary – around $120,000pa
  5. Intelligence Analyst – Often working with federal agencies and government departments, you are required to protect national security.
    Salary – around $90,000pa
  6. Aviation and Aerospace Program Manager – This involves overseeing research, design, integration and testing of aircraft.Salary – around $100,000pa
  7. Electrical Engineer – If you have experience developing weapons, navigation systems or other electrical systems, this could be perfect for you.
    Salary – around $120,000pa

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