How To Motivate & Inspire Employees

When it comes to business, the best people tend to be at the best companies.

But this isn’t because the best people have decided they want to work at the best company.

That may be the case for a small number of employees, but in most cases, it’s not the main reason the best companies seem to have the best people.

The best companies create an environment that turns average people into top performers.

Successful companies are the ones where their staff feel great about themselves, and are more productive.

So how to do these companies do it?

Well today we’re going to cover the specific steps the best companies take, that make their people the best in the business.

To understand how the best companies create the best people we need to look at what motivates individuals.

There are 3 things that have the most influence on people when it comes to how effective they are at work. They’re part of what’s called the Self Concept.

The Self Concept is about your belief system and values. It’s about how you see yourself.

It consists of 3 parts –

The first is the Self Ideal.

The Self Ideal is how you’d like to see yourself one day. It’s made up of your hopes, goals and dreams of how you’d like to be. It also includes what you believe is possible for you to achieve.

The second is the Self Image.

Your Self Image is your perception of how you think you’re viewed by others, and it’s influenced by how people treat you on a daily basis.

And the third is Self Esteem.

Self Esteem can be defined by asking, how much do you like yourself?

So how do each of the 3 parts of the self concept-

  • The Self Ideal
  • The Self Image
  • Self Esteem

relate to how the best companies treat their staff to make them so effective?

Here’s how…

The more people like themselves, the better they perform in their work, the higher the goals they set and the more effective they become at work.

And the more they like themselves, the more they like other people, so they become great team players, who encourage others to do their best as well.

The key to creating a high performance culture is to create a high self-esteem environment, where people’s fears of failure and rejection, that inhibit personal performance, are taken away.

When a manager or CEO creates a high self-esteem environment, they will have a team that is more productive, who make fewer mistakes, have lower staff sick days and lower staff turnover.

There are 2 things each person needs in their work environment to achieve this-

The first is Autonomy.

Autonomy is the need for all of us to be recognized for individual achievement. This helps us like ourselves more, which then makes us more productive.

And the second is Dependency.

Dependency is where we need to feel like we’re part of a team, that we’re not alone.

We need to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s the need to feel recognized and as part of the team.

So a great manager or CEO will create an environment where each of their team members feels autonomous and recognized for their individual achievements or contribution.

As well as where they feel like they’re accepted as part of the team and working alongside their team mates to achieve a clearly defined objective or goal.

So rewards should be given for individual performance as well as team performance.

And the final piece of the answer as to how the best companies seem to have the best people, is that the people running the company have effectively communicated the company goals, objectives and values to every employee.

Steve Jobs was great at this, and Apple benefited hugely from what he did obviously.

So create a high self esteem environment for your employees and watch their productivity and effectiveness go up.

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