How To Make A good First Impression

We all know the saying, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression

So today I’ll show you how to make a great first impression, so your relationship with any interviewer, any new people you start working with, or anyone else for that matter, get a great first impression of you.

Above all, to make a great first impression you should be positive and confident.

Most people love to be around positive people.

They like someone to engage with them first, so when you meet someone for the first time, extend your hand, shake theirs firmly, introduce yourself confidently & clearly, and let them know it’s great to meet them.

If you’re at work, tell them what you do at the company and ask them what they do.

This will give everyone you meet a great first impression. And if you’ve just started in a new job, it will also mean you get to know who everyone is, what their title is and what they do in the company.

Part of giving a good impression is showing the person you’ve just met that you’re listening to them and ENGAGED in the conversation with them.

The best way to do this is to ask good questions.

And the best type of questions to ask are open ended questions.

An open ended question is a question that can’t be answered by just answering yes or no.

So for example, let’s say you’re in an interview and you want to show you’re engaged in the conversation.

You can ask the interviewer, what do you enjoy about working here?

This is a question that shows you’re engaged in the conversation and because it’s directed at the interviewers own experience working at the company, it will feel good for them to answer.

This will give the interviewer a good feeling about you.

Open ended questions usually start with WHAT or WHY because they require the person answering the question to elaborate in their answer.

A way to create a good impression when you’ve just started in a new job is to get on with what you’re supposed to do… diligently.

And don’t be too demanding, particularly when you’ve just started a job.

This doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions. You can.

It just means being respectful of the company and the people around you and acknowledging that everyone has a job to do and they’re probably busy.

If your intention is to position yourself for a promotion, then take on other tasks when you can, to show that you have a great work ethic and are prepared to go above and beyond.

When you show through your work that you get things done, that you’re diligent in everything you do and you’re willing and able to support others, then this will be looked on VERY favorably by your superiors.

Something to keep in mind when you aim to create a good impression is to not be too ‘NICE’

What I mean by this is don’t be disingenuous.

Be authentic. Relax and be yourself.

People enjoy being with others who are genuine and authentic, so don’t try to be someone you’re not.

This also means not being a pushover.

If you think something isn’t right or you should speak up then do it.

So be yourself, friendly and genuinely interested, and you’ll always get a great response from the person you’re speaking to.

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So if this has been helpful, please give it a clap.

And as always…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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