How To Hire The Best Employees– 4 Key Qualities To Look For

When it’s your job to employ people, you always want to hire the best.

That’s a given.

But how to do you do it? That’s not so easy.

It’s easy to hire, but harder to fire.

If you make a mistake and hire the wrong person, it can be difficult and time consuming to move that person on.

So here are 4 key tips to help you get a clearer picture of whether the person you’re interviewing is the right person for the role or not.

So you have the best chance of hiring the best person who’s most likely to succeed in the role.

The first tip is to find someone who loves what they do.

If you can find someone to do a job they love to do, you’ll most likely have a great new team member on your hands.

They’ll also most likely get on well with their team mates and be a positive influence on the team.

If they love your company’s products or service, then that’s even better.

When someone loves what they do while they’re working at your company, and they love your company’s products or service, you’ll have a long term employee who will go the extra mile when you need them to.

They’ll be someone you can rely on.

So look for people who love what they do.

The second tip is all about trust.

When you know you can trust someone, you’ve got someone you can rely on. That’s worth gold in business.

The old saying…

Give me someone who does what they say they’ll do, and I’ll build an empire around them, is very true.

Someone who can be trusted to get the job done is worth a lot in business. A team of people you can trust can be transforming to a business.

There are different way to find out how trustworthy someone is, and that’s a whole separate subject, but there are 2 basic philosophies when it comes to finding out if you can trust someone-

The first is to give people the rope they need to get the job done.

Or to micro manage them until they’ve shown they can be trusted.

Whichever one you choose, hire people who are loyal who you can trust. It will make your life much easier.

The third tip is to hire people who get the job done fast.

When you have someone who loves what they do, then it’s probably likely they can be trusted.

But do they get the work done quickly?

The pace people work at can make a big difference to the team obviously. If one team member is slower at producing results compared to their team mates, it can cause friction or bottle necks.

That’s not good.

So hire people who can punch out the work quickly. Or build an environment around them that supports them to get their work done quickly.

The fourth and last tip is to hire people who are interested in making themselves better.

The people on your team who are into personal development and making themselves better-

  • Are easier to work with
  • They’re more flexible,
  • They’re more open to change, which is important if your work place has a fast paced environment

One of the ways to recognize someone who is onto making themselves better is whether they read or not.

People who read generally have a more open mind and tend to be more educated about things in general, than people who don’t.

So hire people who are interested in making themselves better.
So there are the 4 best tips to help you hire the best people.

When you hire someone who loves the job they do, can be trusted, works fast and is always learning how to do a better job and be a better person, you’re on a winner.

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And lastly… great people are out there… so go get ‘em!

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