How To get A Job With No Experience

If you’re new to the workforce or looking for a career change, you CAN find a job in the industry that most interests you if you follow the tips I go through here.

Before you start looking, it’s a good idea to know as much as possible about the role or industry you want to get into.

So you should get a good idea of what the job involves, what will be expected of you when you’re in it, and how much you can expect to be paid.

Once you know these 3 things and the job still appeals to you, you can start looking.

Depending on the role you’re after and the fact you have no experience, you may find it difficult to get into the job or industry you want using traditional ways.

For example, applying through online job sites may prove to be very difficult because you’ll be competing with other applicants who have experience.

So here are some tips on how to get the job you want or get into the industry you’d like, with no experience…

Tip №1

Instead of applying for the job or industry you’re after directly, try getting into it through the side door.

The best way to do this is to think about what skills you already have that are complimentary to the role or industry you want to get into and how you can use those skills to add value to the role you want.

For example, if you want to get into marketing but have no direct qualifications or experience, but you’re great at social media, you could approach various agencies and show them how much you know about social media, and most importantly, how you can add value to the agency and their clients using your social media skills.

By doing a stock take of your current skills and thinking about how you can apply them to the job you want in the industry you want to get into will give you some great ideas on what you can offer, and how you can add value to an employer in your preferred industry.

Tip №2

You could promote your soft skills.

Soft skills are the skills you have that are not related to just one industry and don’t require qualifications.

For example, you may be great at dealing with people. People may be naturally drawn to you and like you.

This could be a soft skill you could use to get into an industry or job that requires people contact.

Another example could be that you’re experienced at a commonly used software platform like Microsoft Office 365 for example.

You could show the companies in the industry you’d like to get into how you can help make their business better by showing them how they can use what you know to their advantage.

Tip №3

You could offer to work for cheap or volunteer for a period of time.

This may not sound very attractive, however you may only need to do this for a few months.

By offering to work for free or at a discounted rate, you’re showing that you’re serious about getting into the industry and that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get in.

This is impressive for any employer.

This will also give you some great contacts within the industry.

So even if you aren’t eventually offered a full paying job with the company you start at, doing this may give you the opportunity to meet other people in the industry, and give you the time you need to impress them so they give you a start.

So there are a few tips for getting into the industry you’d like to be in when you don’t have any experience.

There’s always something you can offer an employer. You just need to think about what that is and then communicate it to them.

Don’t forget that the easiest way to get a job is when the employer WANTS you for the role.

When an employer WANTS you, you’re also in a great position to negotiate the best salary.

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And as always…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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