How To Be More Productive

Every company wants to make it’s workers more productive.

And when you’re more productive, you’re worth more to the company you work for, which means you have the potential to earn more.

Being more productive doesn’t necessarily mean working harder though. It simply means focusing more on the things that matter.

It means being disciplined with your time while you’re working, so you can have more free time outside work.

When you’re more productive, you focus on doing less, and keeping things simple by doing what’s important, not necessarily urgent.

So to help you be more productive while you’re working, and have more free time away from work, here’s 4 tips you can incorporate into your life to help make you more productive when you’re at work, so you can have more free time to do the things you like to do.

1. Start the day focusing on yourself.

The first tip is to take some time out for yourself when you first wake up in the morning.

Instead of reaching for your phone to check emails or social media when you first wake, you’ll be more productive if you take some time out for yourself.

Instead of focusing on what other people want from you, which is what emails and social media force you to do, focus on what you want from yourself when you first wake up, and how you want to approach the day, and what you want to achieve for the day.

Focusing on yourself might involve doing some exercise or yoga, or maybe meditating or maybe just having some quiet time to sit and read something uplifting so you start the day on a positive note.

So before you reach for your phone or laptop, take some time in the morning for you. Spend some quiet time to plan your day and get your thoughts together.

Decide what you want to achieve for the day. Then after you’ve had some ME time, you can reach for your phone and laptop. They’ll be there waiting for you!

2. Have 1–3 Key Goals You Want To Achieve For The Day.

The second tip is to have 1–3 goals you want to achieve for the day.

Your goals should be things that are achievable that day. If you have a larger goal, then break it down into things you can do daily and make those daily steps part of your daily goals.

When you have 1–3 things you want to achieve in a day it keeps you on track.

Stay away from unrealistic or vague goals too. And don’t make your daily goals too overwhelming, because if you do, you just won’t get them done. It’ll demotivate you.

It’s best to have clear actionable goals that you can achieve so that when you look back at the end of the day, you can tick off having done what you planned to do for that day.

3. Minimize Your To Do List

Tip three is to minimize your to do list

When you have a big long to do list it can be overwhelming.

So look at how you can cut back your to do list by prioritizing the items on it, or deleting things that aren’t important.

It’s OK to have a lot to do, but don’t expect you can do it all TODAY. You won’t do it.

The old saying of ‘how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time’ is the best strategy for big tasks or projects that you need to do.

Spread them over time so they’re easy to get done one day at a time.

So break down large projects into small bite size daily chunks that you can do. That way you’ll stay on track, get the project done and your stress levels will stay low.

So minimize your to do list by prioritizing each item, deleting the items that are unimportant and breaking down the big items into daily bite sized pieces.

4. Use Block out Time

Tip number four is to use block out time.

Block out time is time you set yourself during the day where you’re not to be disturbed by anyone. Whether you work from home, an office or somewhere else, let the people around you know that from say 10am until 12pm you’re on block out time and you don’t want to be disturbed.

If you make this a habit when you’re working, you’ll be amazed at how much work you can get done in those 2 hours, without interruptions from other people.

This strategy is an oldie but a goodie. When you use block out time, you’ll be more productive and focused, so you’ll get though more work.

You can also take more breaks because your productivity will go up!

So there are 4 tips to be more productive. Give them a try, you’ll be amazed how much more effective you’ll be and how much more productive.

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