How To Be Confident In Interviews

If you’re like most of us, you’re nervous when you’re in an interview.

The worst part is before the interview has even started.

So if this sounds like you then keep reading because by the end of theis article you’ll have some great strategies you can use to interview well and impress the hiring manager.

First up, keep in mind that when you’re a great candidate for the role and the employer knows that, you have less to be nervous about.

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The best part is the employers can see you’re a great candidate for the job so they WANT to talk to you.

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When it comes to projecting confidence in an interview and building rapport with your interviewer to give them the best impression, here’s a few things you can do.

The first is to remember that THEY asked you to attend the interview because they’re interested in your skills and experience.

This means they’re interested in you so you could already be 90% there to being offered the job.

So remember, they asked to meet YOU.

The next is to maintain eye contact with your interviewer.

Above all this shows you’re genuine and don’t have anything to hide.

The next thing is to be still and relaxed. In other words, don’t fidget. Fidgeting shows you’re nervous and depending on the role you’re applying for, by fidgeting you may be projecting that you’re the wrong person for the job.

The next thing is to remember to smile. When you smile, it makes you feel better and more relaxed, so smile and enjoy the chat.

If you’re feeling nervous, talk slowly. When we’re nervous we tend to speed up our speech, so to make sure you’re not doing that, make a conscious decision to slow your speak down a bit. You’ll notice it also makes you feel more relaxed too.

When the interviewer puts their hand out to shake your hand, shake their hand firmly.

This sends them the message that you’re confident and a person of good character and substance.

So don’t give a limp handshake.

Something that always impresses the interviewer is asking them well thought out questions.

In the video titled 8 Questions To Ask Hiring Managers I give you some great questions to ask that not only impress the hiring manager and get you closer to being offered the job, but also give you great insight into what it’s like to work at the company.

So check out that video for more on the best questions to ask.

When you’re nervous in an interview and are trying to project confidence, it can be easy to go too far towards acting confident and sound cocky or arrogant. Be aware of how you’re coming across and tone down the confidence a bit if you think you’re projecting the wrong impression.

Of course, don’t be desperate in an interview either. Everyone wants what other people want and this applies to employers when they’re looking for the best person for a role.

So if you give the impression that this is the only interview you’ve done and it’s your one and one shot at securing work, the hiring manager will be put off.

It may be true that the interview is the only one you’ve done in a while, but be careful not to project that. Instead, project that your skills and experience are of interest to other employers.

This increases your desirability in the eyes of the hiring manager.

An obvious point but one that we should all be reminded of once in a while is to wait until the other person has finished speaking before we speak.

Apart from being common courtesy, this shows the hiring manager that you’ve listed to their question or point made, considered it and then responded.

Everyone likes to be heard and that includes your interviewer.

So there are some tips to follow in your next interview to project the confidence to be offered the job.

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And as always…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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