How To Answer Behavioral Questions In An Interview

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Behavioral questions come up in pretty much every interview.

Employers love to ask them, because when they do, they get a good idea of how you handle yourself in certain situations, particularly the more challenging situations you might face in the job you’re applying for.

You’re almost guaranteed to get asked one or more in every interview you attend.

So let’s go though the best way to answer them so you not only get through the interview, but really impress the interviewer, so they either put you on the shortlist for the job you’re applying for, or if you impress them enough, they offer you for job.

Firstly, behavioral questions are questions like…

Tell me about a difficult situation you’ve experienced in a previous role, and how you handled it.

Or another common one is…

Tell me about a time where you had an irate customer or client, what happened, and how you resolved the situation.

When you’re asked questions like these the interviewer is digging to find out how you handle yourself in certain situations that relate to the job you’re applying for, and how you resolve difficult situations that come up.

So here’s a great way to answer these types of questions.

Let’s say you’ve been asked by the interviewer to tell them about a time you had to deal with an irate client and they want to know how you resolved the situation.

The first step is to EXPLAIN what happened. So outline what happened, how you were involved and how you resolved the situation.

The next step is to tell the interviewer what you LEARNED. So in other words, explain to the interviewer how the experience made you smarter and better in your job.

When you explain to the interviewer what happened, then tell them what you learned and how the experience made you better on the job, you’re showing them that you can do the job.

So give this a try in your interview.

Some of the most common behavioral questions that come up in interviews are…

Tell me about a difficult situation that happened and how you dealt with it.

Another one is…

What would your co-workers say about you if we asked them?

And here’s another one…

Tell me about a time when you got a difficult request from someone that you knew was unrealistic, but the person who asked you was really enthusiastic about it. How did you handle it?

Before you sit down for your next interview have a think about how you’ll answer these questions so you’re ready when you get asked.

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