How to get a hairdresser job, salon job or hairdressing apprenticeship with no experience

Where the best paid jobs are and how to secure yours

Hairdresser Jobs, Salon Jobs & Hairdressing Apprenticeship

As a hairdresser working in a salon you will be cutting or styling hair to change or maintain your client’s image. You’ll use colouring, cutting and styling, hair texturing techniques and blow drying to create or maintain the look your client wants, so that when they walk out of your salon they feel great about themselves and how they look.

Salon Work

Below are some of the ways you can get started working in a salon, without any specific industry experience.

Salon Receptionist jobs

When you start in a salon you can start as a receptionist. You’ll need some computer skills, like how to send and receive emails, how to use Microsoft Word and Excel and be able to learn the salon appointment process. If you have good social media skills, you may even be able to take charge of the salon’s social media.

Shampoo Assistant

If being a receptionist is not for you, then you can start as a shampoo assistant. This will give you great exposure to all the workings of the salon and it’s clients.

Mobile Manicurist

As a mobile manicurist or mobile nail technician you can take the salon to your clients. You can perform most of the salon services at their home, work or wherever they prefer. This provides your clients convenience and gives you the opportunity to get out and about.

Hair Stylist Jobs

Being a hair stylist or hairdresser is essentially the same job. The professional definition of a hair stylist is someone who decides on hair designs, whereas a hairdresser shampoos, cuts and colours hair. However in the real world, there really is no difference. Qualifications and salary are the same.

1st Year Hairdressing Apprenticeship

At some stage you’ll need to start your apprenticeship. Contact the local training organisations in your state to enroll.

Cosmetology Jobs

A cosmetologist is experienced in applying cosmetic procedures, treatments and therapies. This includes treatments for the hair, skin and nails. If you are experienced in makeup and/or treatments, this could be the way for you to gain employment in a salon.

Tanning Salon Jobs

It used to be that indoor tanning salons used tanning beds which emit ultraviolet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. It is now recognised that you can do irreparable damage to your skin with this kind of indoor tanning.

Nowadays spray tanning is the preferred method of gaining an instant tan. It involved spraying tanning solution all over clients. A spray tan can last 7-10 days and is regularly used by clients prior taking holidays.

Spray tanning is a skill that is easily taught, so is a role you can secure when you have little to no salon experience.

Eyebrow Threading Jobs

Eyebrow threading is the process of taking a thin cotton or polyester thread, doubling it over then twisting it. The thread is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair plucking it at the follicle. Unlike using tweezers which pull out one hair at a time, eyebrow threading can remove short rows of hair in one go.

This is a skill that can be learned quickly and simply takes practice. It offers another way to secure work in a salon with no qualifications or salon experience.

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