How to get the best graphic design jobs – and where to find them

How To Get The Best Graphic Design Jobs

And Where To Find Them

Graphic design is a form of art where a professional creates visual content to communicate a particular message, usually for a paying client.

A graphic designer or creative designer is required to present information in such a way so it is memorable and quickly and clearly understood by a reader or viewer. They achieve this through typesetting, motion graphics, illustration, user interfaces and web design. It involves using visual hierarchy, page layout techniques, typography and images.

A part of the graphic arts industry, the profession requires a Bachelor’s Degree, then time and experience as a designer becomes the primary qualifications, with a design portfolio being a designer’s primary way to demonstrate their qualifications, experience and skill.

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Graphic Design Portfolios

Your portfolio is the tool you use to showcase your work and experience. It helps to establish you as a designer worth hiring.

It should show your breadth of work and skill and show quality, not quantity. Ideally, your portfolio will show your most impressive 10-20 designs or pieces of work so as to give the reader a clear idea of what you have done in the past and what you are capable of doing for them. The best way to present your work is via your own website.

Here are some great design portfolios for you to use as inspiration to create your own stand out portfolio.

Freelance Graphic Designer

If you prefer to be your own boss, then you may consider being a freelance graphic designer. You can work your own hours, work from wherever you like and set your own hourly rate.

However, being a freelancer, you also have the added pressure of finding your own work, negotiating your rate and potentially competing with other designers who are willing to do the work for a lot less than you.

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Graphic Design Internships

When you want to get into graphic design, an internship may be a good place to start. You’ll be given the opportunity to learn, practice your design skills and be given technical tasks to increase your experience.

An internship is an entry level job where you may also be asked to write reports and create hard and soft copy files.

Remote graphic design jobs

Your graphic design career could involve you working remotely or at home. Because of the nature of the work, many graphics designers work remotely which gives them the flexibility to set their own hours. When you work remotely you can still be an employee. This gives you all the benefits of freelance work with few of the downsides.

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Motion Graphics Designer

Sometimes called motion designers these designers create artwork for TV, film and online. Their work can include movie clips, trailers, title sequences, short films and commercials. It may include visual effects, animation and cinematic techniques to bring their creations and artwork to life.

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