Finally…Workers & Employers Matched!

Looking for work is, for most people, time consuming and frustrating.

Searching job boards, applying for jobs and never hearing back, then starting all over again can test anyone’s patience.

For employers it’s much the same. Placing ads then receiving a flood of resumes that take up valuable time to go through, with many applicants for whatever reason not right for the role, or receiving no response to your ad. Money and time wasted!

Job Hunting is Time wasting, Frustrating and Disappointing!

Time wasted, frustration and disappointment have been the job seekers and employers constant companion throughout the process.

Job boards were developed when the internet was new.  Early job boards were no more than newspaper classifieds online. For most job boards, not much has changed since then.

It takes how long??

Some people are lucky enough to find work quickly while others take much longer.

Experts have estimated that on average it takes 1 month for every $10,000 of salary you’d like to earn. This means if you are looking to earn $80,000 a year, your search could take 8 months!

It’s also taking longer to find work than it did a decade ago. In fact surveys have found over 75% of job seekers have been looking for over 6 months!

Happy Workers Are Productive Workers

Studies show that happy employees are productive employees.

According to an article published by Fortune, happy employees are, on average, 12% more productive. Some happy employees can be up to 20% more productive!

So what’s the solution?

Match Job seeker to Employer!

Connectzapp is a mobile app that matches job seekers to employers.

Happy employees are productive employees and when an employee has been matched to an employer, both win.

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