Here’s a full list of the best consulting jobs, the ones that pay the most and how to get hired.

Consulting Jobs

Here’s a Full List Of The Best Consulting Jobs,
The Ones That Pay The Most
And How To Get Hired

What Is A Consultant?

A consultant is someone who delivers advice, professional services or a product to their customer or client.

They can be found in most industries and are not usually an employee, however some can be. For example, a management consultant is commonly a contractor whereas a sales consultant is usually an employee.

Consultants are hired for their skills and experience to achieve a certain goal.

What Does A Consultant Do?

When a consultant is hired by a client, they usually work for an agreed period of time to achieve a defined goal or objective that their client would like to achieve. 

For example a marketing consultant is usually engaged for their marketing skills and experience to assist a company launch a product or service, assist with increased competition, achieve a desired sales goal or increase market share.

Types Of Consultants

The 3 most common industries you will find consultants are:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Medical

Obviously, any company or organisation can require your consulting services. Individuals also seek the help of consultants. 

Depending on your skills and experience, being a consultant can be very lucrative. Companies or individuals will pay well for advice or services and because many consultants work on a contract basis they benefit from tax advantages that employees don’t. 

They may be paid at an agreed hourly or daily rate, paid a set fee for their service, take a percentage of revenue achieved by their client or a combination of all three. As a consultant you have more flexibility around how you are paid than an employee.

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Business Consultants

A business consultant is the most common type of consultant. They most commonly work with companies to grow their business. Other common ones include marketing consultants, financial consultants and management consulting.

IT Consultant – An IT consultant helps companies achieve a goal by helping them decide their strategy, what they should invest in, technology to use and architecture setup, to achieve their goal. 

IT Consultant Jobs are highly paid and because technology changes so rapidly, there is constant demand for consultants. Sometimes also called a Computer Consultant, IT Consulting usually requires a degree, however with experience it’s possible to be a consultant without tertiary education. If you are experienced with a type of software your knowledge could be in demand as a Software Consultant

HR Consultant – An HR Consultant assists companies with their human resources (HR) needs. An HR Consultation usually involves being engaged to help provide high level solutions and deliver them to management. This makes HR Consultant Jobs highly paid and very lucrative for the consultant when they deliver.

Restaurant Consultant – A Restaurant Consultant offers advice, training and support and sometimes a completely new business plan to restaurant owners and managers when they aim to increase revenue. When you have restaurant or business experience Restaurant Consultant Jobs can be rewarding and a lucrative way to earn a living. 

Sales Consultant – A Sales Consultant is usually an employee. They can be paid a salary plus commission or be straight commission only. Depending on the industry and the product or service being sold Sales Consultant Jobs can be very highly paid. For example a Real Estate Consultant or software salesperson has the potential to earn 5-10 times the average wage because of the product they sell and commissions they earn when they make a sale.

Leasing Consultant – A leasing consultant looks after the leasing of properties in the real estate industry. For Leasing Consultant Jobs go here.

Financial Consultant – A Financial Consultant assists their clients improve their finances. Sometimes called a financial advisor or financial planner, they help their clients develop a financial plan and give advice where to invest. Financial Consultant Jobs can be well paid. You could be an employee working for a larger organisation or you could be a commission based contractor. 

Strategy Consulting – You support clients with strategic decision making through the development and implementation of business plans. In a Strategy Consulting Job your main task is to provide strategic advice on particular management topics and challenges. 

Political Consultant – A Political Consultant advises and assists political campaigns. Their main task is the development, production and delivery of the mass media content of the campaign. They also get involved in opposition research and voter polling. Political Consultant Jobs require political savvy and experience and a passion for the party, its values and policies. 

Travel ConsultantTravel Consultant Jobs are for you when you are interested in the travel industry. A travel consultant is usually an employee. The best perks of being a travel consultant (also called a travel agent) is the opportunity to travel domestically or internationally for very low cost or for free. 

Tax Consultant – As a Tax Consultant or Tax Advisor you are an expert in tax law and tax planning. When in a Tax Consultant Job you have organisations or individuals as clients who you help to position for short and long term tax optimisation. You work to ensure the tax they pay is minimised. 

Small Business Consulting – small business uses the services of consultants regularly. Small Business Consulting Jobs can be well paid for the advice, strategies and assistance consultants provide. 

Social Media Consultant – if you have social media experience, knowledge or skills then being a social media consultant could be a great job for you. In a Social Media Consultant Job you will serve as the face and voice of the business in social networks. You will run campaigns, post content, improve engagement and loyalty and try to drive sales from social platforms. 

Digital Marketing Consultant – you are the bridge between the online and offline world for businesses. In a Digital Marketing Consultant Job you help your clients sell their products and services and advise them the best way to reach their customers online. 

Brand Consultant – related to being a marketing consultant, as a brand consultant you will provide analysis, solutions and marketing advice to companies to help them sell their product or service. In a Brand Consultant Job you will develop and help businesses implement strategies for new and existing products, influence the marketing, be involved in the design and distribution decisions and public relations messaging. 

Creative Consultant – in a Creative Consultant Job you use your talents to create content, both written and video, innovative products and other types of art for clients. 

Design Consultant – In a Design Consultant Job you assist in the marketing process, create displays and use design software to produce interior space to clothing designs.

Medical Consultants

To be a medical consultant usually means having medical qualifications, however there are exceptions where experience is all that is required.

Lactation Consultant – A Lactation Consultant offers special assistance to women when they are breastfeeding. Lactation Consultant Jobs require the ability to teach new mothers how to breastfeed and help them develop and improve their mothering skills. For how to become a lactation consultant go here.

Healthcare Consultants – share their expertise, give advice and guide healthcare organisations and professionals make decisions on how to grow their business and help their patients and customers better. They are experienced in the healthcare industry including its legislation, regulations and policies. When working in a Healthcare Consulting Job you help medical organisations and hospitals run their business better.

Nurse Consultant – A Nurse Consultant is an experienced practice nurse who also has the qualifications to perform clinical service and consultancy to organisations and their medically trained employees. Nurse Consultant Jobs can be as an employee or contractor. 

Legal Nurse Consultant – A Legal Nurse Consultant provides medical advice to lawyers. They do not practice law, they provide valuable medical expertise on medical issues. Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs involve having experience in clinical nursing and being able to evaluate and clearly understand sometimes complex information in legal cases.

Dental Consultant – A Dental Consultant is usually a qualified dentist who helps practising dentists setup and run their practice. Dental Consultant Jobs involve providing advice about marketing, staffing, training, management and equipment purchases. 

Medical Consulting – is much the same as dental consulting, except a medical consultant consults to medical practices. Medical Consultant Jobs involve providing advice about marketing, staffing, training, management and equipment purchases. 

Consultant Pharmacist – A Consultant Pharmacist reviews and manages the medication regime of patients, particularly those in nursing homes. Consultant Pharmacist Jobs involve ensuring patients are medicated appropriately, their medication is safe and prevent medication related problems that may interfere with a patient’s therapy goals and outcomes. 

Child Care Consultants – when you are a Child Care Consultant you help people who are new to the childcare industry and experienced childcare professionals who are looking to expand their childcare business. In a Child Care Consultant Job you help your clients through the stages of establishing a new centre, purchasing a new business or upgrading their existing business.

Education Consultant

If you have teaching or administration experience then you could become an education consultant. In an Education Consulting Job you advise and train people in the education industry on classroom policies, new technology, how to increase student results and other education related issues.

Environmental Consultant

An Environmental Consultant helps businesses, government and individuals make informed decisions when they are developing policies and projects that will have an impact in the environment. In an Environmental Consultant Job you gather information, analyse it and then provide your recommendations. 

Businesses usually hire an environmental consultant to assess land for pollution or contamination before they buy it, to ensure they are in compliance with environmental regulations and to oversee any clean up of the land required. 

Security Consultant

As a Security Consultant you assess all the security measures an organisation is taking. In a Security Consultant Job you analyse security systems, look for potential breaches, then implement or supervise the implementation of solutions. You may work for one company or have many companies as clients.

Engineering Consultant

As an Engineering Consultant or Consulting Engineer, you will have an engineering qualification such as civil, mechanical, structural, electrical or medical etc. In an Engineering Consultant Job you are considered an expert in planning, design and construction of public and privately owned structures.

Training Consultant

Become a Training Consultant in your field. To find Training Consultant Jobs go here.

Image Consultant

If you like working with people and have a flair for fashion and marketing then being an Image Consultant may be for you. Sometimes also called a Fashion Consultant or Personal Stylist, as an Image Consultant you aim to improve the image of your clients personally or professionally through their appearance, behaviour and communication.

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Consultant Salary

Consultants can earn a wide range of incomes, depending on their specialisation:

  • Range – From $35,000 per annum to over $1 million per annum
  • Average – $90,000 per annum

How To get A Consultant Job

There are a couple of choices on how to become a consultant. You can:

  • Work at a consulting firm or,
  • Start your own consulting business

To find out which Consulting Firms are looking for consultants to join their team go here.

How to start a consulting business

Many of the consultants roles above require you to start your own business. To do this:

  • Consider which skills you have that are most suited to a consultancy role
  • Decide on the consulting role you intend to pursue
  • Contact businesses or individuals in that industry, let them know what skills you have and what you can do for them, and ask them if they need help.

Consultancy is a profession where you can set your own price. It is also a profession where the more you charge, the better you are perceived to be by your potential clients. So set an hourly or daily rate that reflects your skills and experience. 

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