Pandemic resilient careers – The jobs that got busier during covid 19

Which Careers Were Resilient to COVID-19?

The COVID-19 virus changed our plans abruptly and our outlook on how easy it is to change the way our society works. The world has suffered a substantial economic impact that has transformed many industries. Many jobs have disappeared in the last few months. But, these are the careers that were resilient to the pandemic.

Warehouse Workers

People have increased their consumption a lot in the last few months, either to stock up at their homes or just through daily needs. This increase in demand has led to a blow-up in production for many companies. Also, many people don’t want to risk going to the store in person when they can buy everything online.

So, increased demand in eCommerce and shipping or delivery services has occurred. So, if the companies before had some warehouses with limited working hours, they now have to increase the number of workers and even warehouses to meet demand. These workers include managers, order selectors, forklift operators, and even material handlers.

Engineering Jobs

Manufacturing Engineers – A big part of the increasing demand for production falls to the manufacturing industry. This is even truer in the manufacturing of healthcare supplies and consumer goods. Also, the world is suffering from a shortage of healthcare supplies like protective equipment for healthcare workers, so some companies are repurposing their factories to produce them.

For all these changes in production, manufacturing engineers are vital to make the transition go smoothly. They have all the skills to scale the production and to redesign processes to manufacture much-needed products.

Civil Engineers – The construction sector was one of the industries that stopped when quarantines started. Still, it was quick to return to normal operations in many states because it was considered to be essential. Civil engineers are vital to the functionality of a construction site; they oversee the whole operation and keep everything going smoothly.

This profession not only survived the pandemic, but increased in demand due to the need in some cases of more projects in the healthcare sector. Some of these projects are for making hospitals bigger or even building new locations altogether to be prepared for all the COVID-19 cases.

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IT Support

Due to all the quarantine measures, people are spending more time online than ever before. Either during working hours with most teams going remote or during free time with people passing the time with anything better to do than watch Netflix or Youtube. So, all online services are experiencing high volumes that they may not be able to handle.

IT support specialists are the perfect professionals to solve these issues from all levels. They give support to people at their houses and consult with companies on how to improve and scale their systems. This job has become almost essential because many companies depend on their online operations to keep the company afloat.

Advertising and Marketing Jobs

The pandemic has unleashed one of the most significant recessions in US history, so many businesses are struggling to keep afloat. One of the strategies many companies are implementing is creating new ways to reach their customers. Thus, increasing the demand for marketing teams and digital marketing professionals.

Advertising and digital marketing experts are critical to creating strategies that will reach customers in a way that will bring more conversion. It can be through social media platforms, promoted and paid ads, email campaigns, and more. A plus will be to have the skill to be savvy, and companies will probably want the best result with the lowest investment.

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Call Center Representative

With social distancing measures, people prefer to ask for support through the phone or online messaging. This means that any issue, complaint, or assistance is going through call centers to be resolved. The increase in demand has become crazy to the point that all companies have had to hire more workers or outsourc agencies.

People are calling to cancel services like gym memberships or rescheduling vacations, hotels, flights, or any other activity. Companies are struggling to respond to all their customers. Call center jobs that were starting to decline due to AI software, have had a resurgence in the industry.

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Healthcare Jobs

There have not been enough people to fill the healthcare jobs during covid-19. Most healthcare workers, in regular times, work shifts of 12 hours or even more. But now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, they are at the front line and risking their lives to save others. They are also more strung out than before, and the demand for nurses, doctors, home aid, specialized care, and other specialists is going through the roof.

The increase in patients at the hospital has also led to an increase in administrative work. Such other workers like cleaners or janitors, keeping records, enrolling patients, and ordering supplies, are just a few of the jobs that are needed to keep hospitals operating.

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Software Developers

As mentioned before, people are spending a lot of their time indoors; for most of them, it means their only source of entertainment is online. This means a higher volume in all online platforms and an increased need for maintenance. Plus, many companies are trying to create new products that people can enjoy.

Software developers, web developers, UX designers, back and front-end developers, and so on, all of them are working more than ever. They create platforms and software to make our lives easier, at work and home, and are in charge of doing maintenance and improvements.

These professions not only survive the COVID-19 pandemic but have been and continue to be in high demand with the increase of technologies in our lives. The best part is that anyone can become a developer; there are tons of free coding courses online that teach you everything you need to know.

Remote Work & Work From Home

Remote work such as jobs where you can work from home have become more popular, even as countries come out of lockdown. Many jobs have been resilient and have experienced an increase in demand. Remote professions include recruiters,computer support specialists, writers, content creators, and sales executives. And because many companies have learned the benefits of this modality, remote working may become the new standard in the future.

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In Summary

These are the professions that were resilient to COVID-19, and in some cases, even increase demand due to the pandemic. If you lose your job because of the virus, are afraid of losing your job because your company is on the brink of closing, or just want a more stable career, these may be options for you.

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