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  • Academic Level Certificate
  • Age 18 - 22 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Finance

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When you slip on a Pelle Pelle leather jacket, you instantly feel a surge of edgy sophistication. The supple, high-quality leather molds to your body, creating a sleek and flattering silhouette. The intricate stitching and attention to detail showcase the impeccable craftsmanship behind every Pelle Pelle creation. As you strut down the street, heads turn in admiration of your bold style choice. The iconic Pelle Pelle logo embossed on the jacket serves as a symbol of your discerning taste. Whether you’re rocking it with jeans and boots or dressing it up for a night out, your Pelle Pelle leather jacket exudes confidence and attitude. Embrace the rebellious spirit and make a statement with the timeless allure of Pelle Pelle.


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