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What does a Beauty Therapist do?

How to become a Beauty Therapist

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The Beauty Industry

As a beauty therapist you are skilled in skin care, facial and body care and have in depth knowledge of cosmetic chemistry including cosmetic products. The beauty industry is about making people feel great. It’s people work.

A beauty therapist usually works in a salon, spa, health club, or in their own home salon.

Beauty therapists help customers and clients select cosmetics that compliment and enhance their features. They also recommend and sell beauty products to clients that promote healthy skin.

Being qualified to sell beauty products means having a wide knowledge base and passion for learning about new products on the market.

To be able to sell beauty products, a beauty therapist has an in depth knowledge of-

  • How to apply artificial tanner skillfully
  • How to tint eyelashes safely
  • How to dye eyebrows
  • How to provide effective massage
  • How to perform acne facials
  • How to identify skin type
  • How to perform hair removal such as waxing and electrolysis

A beauty therapist is skilled in recommending products for a client. Their work is about physical beauty, so being calm and friendly is important in helping clients feel good about themselves inside and out.

What Does a Beauty Therapist Do?

What is a Beauty Therapist? What are beauty therapist duties and responsibilities? What is a beauty therapist job description? What are Beauty Therapist key skills?

Personal and technical skills of a beauty therapist.

As a beauty therapist you provide various non medical procedures and services to your clients. These can include-

  • Hair removal
  • Body massage
  • Body treatments
  • Make-up
  • Performing Facials
  • Lash & brow treatments
  • Manicures & pedicures (nail technology)
  • Other treatments such as spa therapy & permanent hair removal

During your beauty therapy career you may choose to focus on particular treatments, like being a nail technician for example.

Personal requirements of a Beauty Therapist and Beauty Therapist personal appearance

Being a beauty therapist requires-

  • Being sensitive to client needs during body and facial treatments
  • The ability to be pleasant and tactful when required
  • Neat personal appearance
  • No allergies or allergic reactions to beauty products
  • Good hand-eye coordination

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How to be a Beauty Therapist - Qualifications required

Beauty therapists work in a fun and flexible industry. Working hours can depend on what beauty services you offer and where you work. You can work full time or part time.

The qualifications you need depend on what beauty services you choose to focus on. You can do a certificate ii, Certificate iii or certificate iv in Beauty Therapy. You can do a short course online.

The preferred qualification is the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, where you learn a wide range of the skills required to be a Beauty Therapist.

If you would like to become a leader or manager in the beauty services industry, you may choose to study a Diploma of Salon Management. This will teach you marketing, customer service, recruitment and training.

If you choose, you can increase your qualifications by studying the Double Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Salon Management.

A Beauty therapist with a level 2 qualification is allowed to work as a spa assistant and perform manicures, facials, some waxing, and tanning. However with a level 3 qualification they are more in demand by employers because they are qualified to perform the full range of job tasks safely and effectively. Salons are usually open Monday through to Saturday, so beauty therapists may work during salon hours six days a week if they’re the only beauty therapist on staff

Should You Become A Beauty Therapist? Working as a Beauty therapist

If you are creative, enjoy meeting new people and love helping people feel great about themselves, then a career in beauty therapy could be a great career choice for you.

As a beauty therapist you are part of a growing industry. Beauty therapists are in constant demand. During your career you may have the opportunity to work in a professional beauty salon or spa located on a cruise ship, holiday resort, department store or local shopping centre anywhere in the world. Your beauty therapy skills are in demand and could find you working in exotic locations with fun and interesting people.

With the right qualifications and experience you could work as a spa coordinator, assistant manager or salon manager.

You may decide to run your own beauty therapy business. You have the flexibility of being able to work from home or run a mobile business.

You may choose to take advantage of opportunities in treatment development and in-house training in both spa brands and products.

Working as a beauty therapist offers you enormous work flexibility, fun and interesting opportunities during your career.

What is a beauty therapist salary? How much does a Beauty Therapist earn per hour? What is the average wage for a Beauty Therapist?

Here is what you can expect to be paid as a beauty therapist. The figures below include the beauty therapist award wage. If you are already a beauty therapist you can compare what you are receiving to what the industry averages are-

  • The average beauty therapy salary in Australia is $24.12 per hour
  • The average beauty therapist hourly rate is between $20 – $29 per hour.
  • As a beauty therapist you can expect a bonus between $50 and $6040
  • The average beauty therapist commission is between $2 and $5093
  • Total pay for a beauty therapist ranges between $40,938 and $60,147.

Beauty Therapist Resume

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Beauty Therapist Cover Letter

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What to wear to a beauty therapist interview

The interview is where your future employer will form their first impression about you so dress to impress. Dressing comfortably but slightly conservatively in business attire is best. Wearing clothes that are too casual will give the wrong impression. For example, avoid sleeveless tops. Wear a shirt or blouse.

Hair and makeup are obviously important because your future employer will take note of these. If you have long hair, tie it up in a french roll/ bun style with minimum hair accessories. Your make up should be neatly applied.

Conduct yourself in the interview in a professional confident manner. Maintain a good posture , smile hold eye contact with the interviewer and shake hands firmly when you meet them.

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