How to become an apprentice and find the best apprenticeship

What does an Apprentice do?

What apprenticeship should you choose?

Apprentice meaning

Apprentice definition – a person who learns a trade from a skilled employer. They agree to work for a fixed period of time at lower wages than a skilled employee.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprentice undertakes an apprenticeship to gain a nationally recognised qualification. Their training includes paid on the job training and formal study with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Difference between apprenticeship and traineeship

Apprenticeship training involves full time work and study, and lasts for up to 3-4 years. A traineeship can be full time or part time and usually only lasts 12 months. Traineeships are a great way to try a new career to see whether it’s something you would like to do full time.

Types of apprenticeships and most common apprenticeships

Most involve being a trade apprentice (traditional trades), however there are many others available:

  • Accounting apprenticeship
  • Accounting technician apprenticeship
  • Air conditioning apprenticeship (refrigeration apprenticeship)
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer apprenticeship
  • Arborist apprenticeship
  • Auto electrician apprenticeship
  • Automotive apprenticeship
  • Beauty therapy apprenticeship
  • Bakery apprenticeship
  • Barber apprenticeship
  • Boilermaker apprenticeship
  • Bricklaying apprenticeship
  • Building apprenticeship
  • Butcher apprenticeship
  • Cabinet maker apprenticeship
  • Carpentry apprenticeship
  • Chef apprenticeship
  • Childcare apprenticeship
  • Civil construction apprenticeship
  • Concreting apprenticeship
  • Construction apprenticeship
  • Diesel fitter apprenticeship
  • Electrician apprenticeship
  • Elevator installer and repairer apprenticeship
  • Engineering apprenticeship
  • Fabrication apprenticeship
  • Fitter and Turner apprenticeship
  • Florist apprenticeship
  • Greenkeeper apprenticeship
  • Landscaping apprenticeship
  • Hairdressing apprenticeship
  • Heavy diesel mechanic apprenticeship
  • Horticulture apprenticeship
  • IT apprenticeship
  • Joinery apprenticeship
  • Linesman apprenticeship
  • Locksmith apprenticeship
  • Marine mechanic apprenticeship
  • Mechanic apprenticeship
  • Mechanical engineering apprenticeship
  • Mechanical fitter apprenticeship
  • Mining apprenticeship
  • Mining electrical apprenticeship
  • Motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship
  • Parks and gardens apprenticeship
  • Pastry chef apprenticeship
  • Panel beater apprenticeship
  • Painting apprenticeship
  • Pile-Driver operator apprenticeship
  • Plant mechanic apprenticeship
  • Plastering apprenticeship
  • Plumbing apprenticeship
  • Roof Plumbing apprenticeship
  • Sign writing apprenticeship
  • Spray painting apprenticeship
  • Sprinkler fitter apprenticeship
  • Stone mason apprenticeship
  • Tattoo apprenticeship
  • Telecommunications apprenticeship
  • Tiling apprenticeship
  • Welding apprenticeship

In addition to the above you could also choose:

  • Government apprenticeships
  • School based apprenticeships (department of education)
  • Defence Force Apprenticeships – such as an army apprenticeship or the Air Force apprenticeship program
  • FIFO apprenticeships (fly in fly out)
  • Mature age apprenticeship jobs (adult apprenticeships)
  • Apprentice jockey
  • Fireman apprentice
  • Indigenous apprenticeships
  • Part time apprenticeships

Many require an apprentice tool kit (i.e. electrical apprentice tool kit)

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The apprenticeship community

Apprenticeships are available in all states

There are not only job opportunities for a first year apprentice. If you are a

  • First Year apprentice
  • Second year apprentice
  • Third year apprentice or,
  • Fourth year apprentice

You also have the opportunity to change employers if you choose.

How to get an apprenticeship

First you need to find an apprenticeship that you would like to do.

Check here for apprentice registration and apprenticeships info or you can consider TAFE apprenticeships, contact an apprenticeship agency, apprenticeship and traineeship company or an apprenticeship board direct.

Registered Training Organisations (RTO)

For an Apprenticeship program (i.e. trainee and apprenticeships), these are some of your options

  • Apprenticeship Careers
  • Apprenticeship Support
  • Apprenticeship network provider
  • Apprenticeships Group
  • Apprenticeship Centre
  • Apprenticeship Pathways
  • Other state based apprenticeship centres

You can also become a Master Builders apprentice or HIA apprentice (Housing Industry Association). These RTO’s also provide apprenticeship support.

Some states offer a free apprenticeship. Contact your state government for details.

Pre Apprenticeship

A pre apprenticeship is an entry level training that is intended to provide a pathway to your apprenticeship of choice (i.e. a plumbing pre apprenticeship). There are a range of Pre apprenticeship courses available.

Employer incentives for apprentices

Apprenticeships matter. They are a vital training scheme for many industries.

To assist employers take on apprenticeships they can apply

  • For an apprenticeship support loan (apprenticeship loan)
  • To the Apprenticeships Incentives Program

Some states offer a fee free apprenticeship incentive for employers. Contact your state government for details.

Some employer related links you may find useful are

  • To view an apprentice contract example go here
  • To view an apprentice contract registration form go here
  • For an apprentice dismissal procedure go here

An employer who intends to employ an apprentice should first contact the Apprenticeship Support Network

Apprenticeship wage

Apprentice award wages can vary so contact your state government to check the apprenticeship wages for your state. You can find an apprentice salary and how much adult apprentice wages are (a person over 21 years of age is considered to eligible for a mature age apprenticeship wage)

By contacting your local state government you can find the apprentice pay rates for

  • Hairdressing apprenticeship wage
  • Bricklaying apprenticeship wage
  • Boilermaker apprenticeship wage
  • Cabinet making apprenticeship wage
  • Diesel mechanic apprenticeship wage
  • Plumbing apprenticeship wage
  • Apprentice electrician wage (electrician apprentice salary)
  • Apprentice carpenter wage
  • Apprentice baker wage
  • Apprentice builder wage
  • Boilermaker apprentice wage
  • Apprentice mechanic wages
  • Apprentice painter pay rates (apprentice painter wages)
  • Apprentice chef wage
  • Apprentice cabinet maker wage
  • Apprentice floor layer wage

This applies to all states and territories and includes

  • First year apprentice wage (i.e. first year apprentice plumber wage)
  • 1st year apprentice hairdresser wage
  • 1st Year apprentice electrician wage
  • 1st year apprentice carpenter wage
  • 1st year apprentice mechanic wages
  • 1st year apprentice heavy diesel mechanic wages
  • 1st year automotive apprentice wages
  • 2nd year apprentice wage
  • 2nd year apprentice diesel mechanic wages
  • 2nd year electrical apprentice rate
  • 3rd year apprentice carpenter wage
  • 3rd year electrical apprentice pay
  • 4th year apprentice wage
  • Apprentice tool allowance

In addition to your wage you can also receive payments from Centrelink while you are doing your apprenticeship. For more details go to Centrelink apprentice youth allowance

Highest paying apprenticeships

Apprenticeships that pay the highest tend to be those in the trades that have the highest income potential for fully trained experienced skilled workers.

The trades that tend to pay the highest are

  • Electrician
  • Pile driver operator
  • Carpenter
  • Elevator installer and repairer
  • Plumber
  • Ironworker
  • Machinist (tool and die maker)

How to register as an apprentice

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