What an administrator does and the best administration jobs.

What is administration?

What does an administrator do?

Where are the best administration jobs?

Administration meaning. Administration definition

Administration is the day to day process or activity of running a business or organisation. In terms of business administration this means running or being involved in the running of a business. It involves primarily office management and can be full time or part time.

Common roles an administrative professional does

  • Accounts administrator
  • Administrative management
  • Administrative officer
  • Architect administration
  • Arts administration
  • Bond administrator
  • Business administration
  • Company administration
  • Court administrator
  • Data administrator
  • Estate administration
  • Executive administrator
  • External administration
  • Financial administration
  • Fund administration
  • Healthcare administration
  • Hospital administration
  • HR administration
  • IT administration
  • Network administrator
  • Office administration
  • Pharmacy programs administrator
  • Project administrator
  • Public administration
  • Retail administration
  • Sales administrator
  • School administrator
  • Sports administration
  • Student administration
  • System administrator

Office Administrator duties

An administrative role involves performing administrative work and administrative tasks specific to that role, however office administrator duties and functions usually involve administrating the following:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Dealing with email enquiries
  • Assisting management
  • Running or attending meetings and taking notes
  • Managing the diary or calendar of management
  • Using various software such as G Suite and Office365
  • Data entry
  • Arranging travel for staff and management
  • Supporting sales staff
  • Manage and minimise administrative expenses

The administrative skills required vary depending on the role. The above is a general office administrator job description. It also applies to an administrative executive description, administrative coordinator, administrative officer responsibilities and general administrative officer duties and functions.

Administrative and organisational skills are highly sought after by businesses.

System administrator job description

System administrator duties involve

  • New account setup and active directory administration
  • System monitoring
  • Support Firewall and network
  • Troubleshooting
  • Risk mitigation
  • Running reports on system performance
  • Optimising processes and process improvement
  • Design new computer systems and server performance
  • Staff training

Role of administrative assistant

Administrative clerk or administrative assistant duties usually include gaining administrative experience by offering administrative support to more senior administration staff.

An administrative assistant job description is similar to that of a more senior office administrator. It is usually tailored to assist the more senior staff. An administrative assistant’s computer skills will be the same as the more senior administrator. Creating a 30, 60, 90 day plan for an administrative assistant is an excellent way to keep them on track.

What is contract administration? What does a contract administrator do?

A Contract administrator (sometimes referred to as a contract manager) develops, interprets, reviews, negotiates and manages contracts on behalf of a company or organisation.

Their goal is to ensure each party to a contract fulfils their obligations. Most contract administration roles are in the construction industry (Construction contract administration), however a variety of industries require the skills of a contract administrator.

A contract administrator job description includes

  • Preparing, checking and managing the contract paperwork for projects and programs
  • Responding to concerns or queries
  • Supervision and management of work done by contractors
  • Overseeing variations of work orders
  • Liaison with suppliers, engineers, subcontractors, trades ad project managers to ensure schedules are adhered to and goals are met

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Administration courses

Administrative professional skills can be gained through study. Administrative certification courses or Contract administration courses include:

  • Doctor of business administration
  • Bachelor of business administration degree
  • Certificate 3 in business administration
  • Certificate 4 in business administration
  • Master of public administration
  • Business administration certificate
  • TAFE Business administration courses
  • TAFE Diploma of business administration
  • Graduate diploma in business administration
  • Certificate iii in accounts administration
  • School administration courses

Other options include:

  • Business administration traineeship
  • Government funded business administration courses
  • Free business administration courses online
  • Administration short courses online
  • Office administration course

In addition it is possible to complete a Certificate iii in business administration that is government funded online or a Certificate iv in business administration that is government funded online.

Health administration courses

Options for medical administration training include:

  • Certificate iii in health administration
  • Certificate iii in business administration medical
  • Certificate iv in health administration
  • TAFE Diploma health administration
  • Medical administration courses online

The best administration jobs

For the best administration and administrative assistant jobs, follow the links below:

Business and office:

  • School administration jobs
  • Business administration jobs
  • Administrative assistant jobs
  • Mining administration jobs
  • Administration team leader job
  • Administrative receptionist job
  • Sports administration jobs
  • Police administration jobs

You can view the best business and office jobs here.

Health and medical

  • Health and Medical administration jobs
  • Hospital administration jobs

You can view the best health and medical jobs here.

Lastly, view the best state by state administration jobs here.

The best administration candidates

Administrator salary

There are differences between industries when it comes to the typical administrative staff salary. The administration award wage (includes Administration assistant award) covers an office administrator salary, but is generally lower than a contract administrator salary, system administrator salary, database administrator salary, network administrator salary or Project administrator salary.

The average administrator salary is:

  • Hourly rate – $20 to $30 per hour
  • Bonus – $290 to over $6,000
  • Profit sharing – $0 to $1500
  • Commission – $2000 to $13,000

Total pay – $41,000 to $64,000

(All figures are approximate)

The above includes:

  • Business administration salary
  • Administrative manager salary
  • Accounting and payroll administrator salary
  • Administration police salary
  • Administrative assistant salary

Administrative resume examples (administration CV sample)

To write an office administrator resume that will get noticed, go here. In addition click the link to write an administrative assistant resume that has the highest impact and the best achievements to put in your resume for administration jobs.

Administration cover letter

To write a 4 sentence cover letter for an administration role, that will get you an interview, go here. In addition, the link will show you how to write an administrative assistant cover letter that has the highest impact. You can also view administrative officer cover letter examples so you give your office administrator cover letter the greatest impact.

High impact

The above will give you an application for the position of administrative assistant or administrator that has more chance of being read and you being invited to an interview.

Administration interview questions

When answering interview questions, the best strategy is to show the hiring manager how you are the best fit for the job. This includes answering administrative assistant questions effectively.

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