8 Questions to ask hiring managers – that will impress the employer

Do you have any questions for me?

You don’t want to get to the end of an interview and get asked this question and then not have any questions for the hiring manager.

It’s not good to say,

Nope, I don’t have any questions

Most interviewers EXPECT you to ask some questions. It shows you’re doing your due diligence for the role and that you’re thinking carefully about it.

Some interviewers will even go so far as to make it a rule that they won’t hire anyone if they DON’T questions at the end of an interview.

So make sure you’re armed with a few questions.

Here’s 8 great questions you can ask that will give a great snapshot of what the company is like to work for, and impress the interviewer at the same time.

You don’t need to ask all 8. You can pick and choose the ones you’re most comfortable with.

So here goes…

Question 1 is…
Ask the interviewer, how did you come to work here?

Ask the interviewer, how did you come to work here?

This question can open a conversation with the hiring manager about why they chose to work at the company, where they were before and how they came to be in the role.

What you’re doing by asking this question is letting the hiring manager relax and talk about themselves. Most of us love it when someone else listens when we talk about ourselves so they’ll take it as a compliment.

Question 2 is…
What do you like about working here?

This question can easily lead on from question 1 and will give you great insight into what it’s like to work at the company.

Question 3 is a bit different. It’s…
Who’s the most successful recent hire and why?

The answer to this question will give you great insight into the work culture at the company.

For example, if their most successful recent hire is a workaholic that never goes home then that gives you insight into the work culture at the company and by what standards you’ll be judged by if you secure in the role.

Question 4 is…
Who DIDN’T succeed as a new hire and why?

This question leads into the last one.

The interviewer’s answer to this question will give you great insight into what is expected of employees at the company so relates directly to what will be expected of you when you start.

Question 5 is…
What is the company’s biggest current challenge and how will my role help to overcome it?

What you’re doing by asking this question is letting the interviewer know that you’re thinking about how you can help the company overcome it’s current challenges and specifically what your role would be in doing that.

This will impress the interviewer so it’s a great question to ask.

Question 6 is…
How will I measure my performance so I know I’m having a positive impact on this challenge?

Again, this ties into the previous question.

Asking this question will impress the interviewer because by asking it you’re showing that you’re accountable for your actions. This means a lot to an employer.

Question 7 is…
What additional skills or experience do you wish I had that would make me a better fit for this role?

This may seem like an odd question to ask however it opens the door for the interviewer to open up about any reservations they may have about you for the role, which then gives you the opportunity to address them.

And Question 8 is…
What are the next steps in the process?

You want to know what the company’s hiring process is so you know what to expect. This is a good question to ask so you’re not left waiting wondering whether you’re moving to the next step or not.

Another good reason for asking this question is if the interviewer tells you you’ll receive an email or phone call by a certain date and you don’t receive it, you have a genuine reason to follow up the company and ask how your application is moving along.

These 8 questions are great way to show the interviewer you’re engaged and a serious contender for the role.

You may not need to, or have the opportunity to ask all 8 in every interview,

but you now have some great questions you can ask that will not only give you some great insights into the company you’re applying to, but that will also impress the hiring manager when you ask them.

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