5 Thing You Should NEVER Say In An Interview

When you’re asked by a company to come in for an interview, it’s a good idea to seize the opportunity with both hands obviously.

And you obviously want to give the hiring manager the best impression you can, while you’re in the interview.

So here are the top 5 things you should NEVER say while you’re in an interview.

They’re 5 things that will pretty much automatically disqualify anyone from being considered for a job.

In fact, the interview will be cut short, because they raise such a red flag with the hiring manager, that they’ll most likely decide there and then that the person they’re interviewing is not worth any further consideration for the role.

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OK, so let’s go through the 5 worst things to say in an interview.

The first is…

Don’t talk badly about your last company or team mates.

Don’t say you hated the company and the people you worked with, because the interviewer will think you’ll say the same thing about them and their company if they hire you.

So if you tell the interviewer that they were all alcoholics and crack heads at your last company, it won’t go down well!

So if the subject comes up, even if you didn’t like the people you worked with in your last job, think carefully about what you tell the interviewer.

It’s OK to talk about certain circumstances you didn’t like or agree with, but make sure those circumstances make you look good in the eyes of the interviewer and the circumstances you describe are clearly related to your last company.


Don’t say… ‘I’ll do anything’

Be specific about what job you’re looking for.

By saying you’ll do anything you’re showing the interviewer desperation and a lack of focus.

That may not be the case, but that’s how they’ll take it.

Employers are looking for people to fill a particular role at the company, so they’re looking for people who can show that they have competence in that role.

Notice I didn’t say experience.

You don’t necessarily need experience in a particular role, you just need to show the interviewer that you have COMPETENCE in the role you’re applying for them to consider you.

I cover how to do this most effectively in the video on how to make the employer see you as the right ‘fit’ for the role.

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Don’t use platitudes when you describe yourself.

The definition of a platitude is a statement that’s been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.

Some platitudes to stay away from are-

  • I’m a self starter
  • I’m a fast learner
  • I’m results oriented

What you CAN say however is HOW you’re going to do those things.

So if the job you’re applying for requires a self starter, then rather than telling the interviewer you’re a self starter directly, give them an example of how you took the bull by the horns in the past and got the job done without any prompting from anyone else.

So use examples in an interview, not platitudes. You’ll get much more positive engagement from the interviewer and impress them more.

Number 4 is…

When the hiring manager asks if you know how to do something, don’t say you don’t know.

It’s the worst thing you can say even if it’s the truth.

Say… I haven’t done exactly that, but I’ve done this thing that’s very similar. Then explain why they’re similar, then explain why you can do the task they need you to do.

The question… ‘can you do X?’ is a competency question and your answers to these questions carry a lot more weight because they relate directly to how well you’ll perform on the job.

And competency questions are the questions that if you don’t answer them the way the hiring manager would like you to, then you’re wiped out. The hiring manager writes you off for the job.

So before you go into the interview, think about the questions you could be asked that relate to the job, and how you’re going to answer them, particularly if you don’t have specific experience in that particular role.

Here’s a tip…

When you’re in the interview and the hiring manager asks you a question that you draw a blank on, then use a lifeline.

What I mean by that is… ask them if you can think about that question for a minute and come back to it.

A lifeline will give you some time to think your answer through, but don’t use more than one in the interview, otherwise you may give the hiring manager the impression that you’re not the person for the job anyway.

And number 5…

Is the worst question you can ask in an interview,

Which is… ‘What does your company do?’

When someone asks this, it shows they’ve done zero homework or preparation for the interview and know nothing about the company or what it does.

Most people prepare for an interview, which means that when someone asks what a company does in an interview, they’re automatically disqualified for the job.

So they’re the 5 worst things you can say in an interview.

If you stay away from them, do your homework on the company and think about how you’re going to answer the questions you’re asked before you sit down for the interview, then you’ll be well on your way to being considered for the job.

If you found this helpful then give it a clap.

And lastly, as always…

Good luck with your job hunting!

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