4 BEST Ways To Talk To A Recruiter (Headhunter) To Find A Job

Recruiters, or Headhunters as they’re sometimes called, can obviously help you find your next job.

They’re in the business of placing people who are looking for work, with employers who want to employ them.

At first glance this seems like an easy way to get a job when you’re looking for work, but dealing with recruiters isn’t as easy as it seems.

If you’re a highly experienced person in a specific field, then it can be relatively easy to get a job, depending on the role you’re looking for.

But a lot of us don’t fit into that mold, so for the rest if us it can take longer and sometimes take a fair amount of work to find our next job.

This is where recruiters can look like an attractive option to find a job.

The perception is that all you need to do is reply to some job ads that a recruiter has, or call them direct, have a chat with them, get onto their database as an available candidate, and they’ll call you with a bunch of great jobs you can pick and choose from.

While that sounds great in theory, in reality it’s not the case.

A recruiter is an agent who is paid by the employer to find, ‘the best candidate’ to fill a position at their company.

This means the recruiter isn’t there to help you fulfill your career goals or help YOU get a job. They’re a commission based sales person who takes advantage of opportunities to place someone into a job to make a commission.

This means that if they see you as a potential fit for a job they’re trying to find a candidate for at the moment, or one that may come up in the future, they’ll be your best friend.

But if they don’t see you as a potential fit for any job they currently have or may have in the future, then most won’t even return your phone call.

Don’t take it personally. They’re busy, and because they’re commission based, they’re going after the low hanging fruit first…

In other words, the easiest commissions.

So here is the best 4 step process to use to get recruiters to help you find your next job.

The first step is to reach out to the recruiters advertising the job you’re after.

The easiest way to do this is to use Connectzapp.

The way it works is you enter the details of the job you’re after.

You’re then given a list of jobs that match what you’re looking for ranked in order with the best matched job at the top.

You then swipe through the jobs, choose the ones you’re most interested in, then contact those employers or recruiters direct.

The great thing about this is the hiring manager or recruiter can see you’re a great candidate for the job, so they WANT to talk to you.

So to make your job hunting process easy and quick, use Connectzapp. You can get it on the App Store or Google Play or go to Connectzapp.com.

The second step is to be specific in regards to the job you’re looking for.

Don’t tell a recruiter, or hiring manager for that matter, that you’re open to any job.

It’s a turn off. They’re looking for people who have certain skills and are qualified to do a certain job. So be specific about what you’re looking for.

Think about what you need to secure the job you’re after. Things like-

  • Your experience to do the job or experience you’ve gained in a similar role
  • Your abilities
  • Your Qualifications
  • The salary you’d like to receive
  • The location you’d like to work at
  • The industry you want to be in

The third step is to be prepared when the recruiter asks you the ‘tell me about yourself’ question.

Make sure you have your answer sorted out in your head so when the question inevitably comes, you can answer it with confidence.

A good way to answer this question is to-

  • Briefly explain your background
  • Explain your skills
  • Go through your Experience. In other words, what you’re able to do
  • The type of job you’re after

A lot of recruiters don’t have experience in the jobs they place for, so depending on the technical skills required for the job you’re applying for, it may be that you know more about the job than the recruiter does.

So steer clear of jargon and stick with plain English.

For the best way we’ve ever found to answer the‘Tell Me About Yourself’ questions, check out my video on Connectzapp.com.


The fourth step is to make sure your resume is on target for the job you’re applying for.

Recruiters only skim read resumes intially, so yours needs to grab their attention, so they read it right through.

Getting your resume on target is a whole separate subject which I cover in the video ‘Resume must haves to get an interview’.

Very simply though, make sure your resume is clear and uncluttered, and your skills and experience specific to the job you’re applying for stand out, so that when the recruiter skim reads your resume, they see you’re a good candidate, then read your resume in full.

To get your resume on target, go to Connectzapp.com and watch the video. When you do what I suggest in the video, you’ll find you get asked in for a lot more interviews.


So target your resume for the job you’re applying for.

So there are the 4 steps to using a recruiter to help you find your next job.

The one piece of advice you need to remember when you’re using a recruiter is that they’re being paid a commission by the employer to find someone to fill the role.

If they think they can earn a commission by placing you, you have a much better chance of being offered an interview. So you need to position yourself, as best you can, as the candidate they’re looking for.

Keep in mind too, that recruitment firms compete with each other to fill a role for an employer, so the sooner they can place ANYONE in the role, the better the chance they have of being the one who receives the commission for the placement. So speed of placement comes into the equation to o for the recruiter.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some recruiters advertise jobs that don’t exist, just to build their candidate database for the jobs that do exist.

So if you apply to a job a recruiter has and they tell you it’s already filled, then that job may have been filled a while ago or may not have even existed.

Don’t take any of this personally. It’s no reflection on you. It’s just the way the recruitment industry works.

So use what you’ve learned today to your advantage, so you can motivate a recruiter to help you get the job you want.

If you’ve found this helpful, give it a clap.

And lastly… Good luck with your job hunting!

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