3 Types of Employees — How To Hire The Best

When it comes to business, nothing is more important than your people.

Your technology is not as important as the people you have on your team.

Even your business strategy is of less importance than the people on your team.

When you have great people, you can achieve almost anything.

But if you don’t, business is a struggle at best.

At worst, bad employees can cause your business serious harm or even put you out of business!

In fact, it’s been shown time and again that a great team, even when they only have an average business model or idea, will beat an average team with the best business model or idea, hands down.

What usually happens is the average team that has a great strategy usually gets overtaken by a great team, who may have started with an average strategy, but will then have hustled and worked their way into a great strategy.

They may have had to pivot and change directions a few times to find the best strategy, but the point is, a great team will find a way.

Whereas, the average team usually won’t do what’s needed to win in their industry or category, even when they start with a great strategy.

So the people you have on your team are vitally important to your success.

There are 3 types of employees you need to be aware of when you’re hiring, so you can choose the right people to build the best team you can.

You can use all 3 types of employees in your team, but you need to be very careful of the mix, so let’s got through the 3 types of employees and the best use for each.

The first type of employee is the Grunt.

When you’ve almost finished your interview with someone and you ask them if they have any questions, and they’re questions are all about-

  • Working conditions
  • What benefits they receive
  • How much time they get off
  • How much sick leave they receive
  • How much they get paid for overtime etc etc

Then they’re a grunt.

These are the people who work 9–5pm. They’re only interested in working the minimum hours.

They’re ready to walk out the door at 5pm, and at 2 minutes past 5pm, they’re gone.

Grunts are the people who are only focused on paying the bills and only work because they have to.

There’s no fire or passion for the job in them. They don’t really care whether your business grows, stagnates or dies. They’re disengaged from the overall goal of the business.

As long as they receive their pay each week, they don’t care.

Now, some positions are OK for a grunt, but you don’t want too many of these people on your team, because if you do, your business won’t grow.

The second type of employee is the Mercenary.

When you’ve almost finished the interview and you ask them if they have any questions, mercenaries will want to know all about the money.

These are the people who are motivated by money. And mercenaries usually gravitate to sales roles.

They’ll ask about-

  • The base wage
  • How much commission they can earn
  • What the top income earner makes in the company

They’ll hustle and do what it takes to earn the biggest commissions they can.

They thrive on competing with other team members.

But they can also be disloyal. They look after themselves, so if another company offers them more money, they jump ship.

These people have a place in your business, but always keep in mind… with them, it’s all about the money!

There’s very little loyalty with mercenaries, but again, these people have a place in your business because they’re hustlers. They find a way and get the job done, because they know that’s how they earn the money.

The third type of employee is the Believer.

These are the people that get on board with your company vision and do what they can to see it succeed.

They’re not necessarily in it for the money like the mercenaries, they buy into the company vision and want to be a part of the company’s success.

You know someone is a believer when, in the interview you ask them if they have any questions and they give you some ideas on how you can make the company or it’s products or services better.

They don’t do this with ego or arrogance. They do it from a genuine desire to see the company succeed.

As long as you respect them and look after them, they won’t leave, even if they’re offered more money by a competitor.

They’ll stay loyal.

They also work well with other people

A great team works the best with mainly believers in it. There might also be a few mercenaries, and a few grunts to do the work no one else wants to do.

Believers are the main people you want on your team.

So when you’re next looking for staff, keep in mind the type of person you need for the job.

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There’s great people out there, so go get ‘em!

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