2 Steps To Hire Manage Lead Like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs surrounded himself with talented people, and through their hard work, ingenuity and persistence, created products that have enjoyed a cult following virtually from day one.

Most business owners and managers dream about doing what Steve Jobs did.

So what did he do? And can YOU do it?

The answer to the second question, whether you can do it is…

Definitely YES!

In regards to the first question of WHAT he did, we’ve distilled the answer down to 2 steps that you can easily use at work every day…

  • When you’re hiring new team members,
  • Getting newly employed team members up to speed
  • Keeping your current team members motivated and focused on what they should be doing.

So let’s look at the 2 cornerstones of the Jobs strategy and then see how they can be applied in your business so some of the Jobs success rubs off on you.

Step 1 is to get great people on your team.

Great people are self managed.

Regardless of the tasks and challenges they face, they’ll figure out how to get the job done.

So in other words, once they know what to do, they’ll go and figure out how to do it.

They won’t need you there to micro manage them. They’ll just get on with the job and get it done.

So the first step is get great people on your team.

So where do you find great people?

A good place to start looking is Connectzapp.

When you enter the details of the role you need filled, you’re given a list of the most suitable candidates, ranked in order with the best match at the top.

You can then swipe through each candidate, choose the ones you’re most interested in, make a short list and then contact those candidates to get them in for an interview.

The candidates can also see they’re a great match for the role so they want to hear from you.

So to find some great candidates for any role you need filled, get Connectzapp from the App Store of Google Play or go to Connectzapp.com

The second step to having a high performance team that works together is to have a common vision.

When you have great people focused on a common vision, magic happens, as it did at Apple.

The way to have a common vision is for you as the leader to firstly, decide what that vision is.

Then articulate that effectively to the team.

Then with input from your team, fine tune your vision.

When you have a team of high performance individuals who are, as Steve Jobs puts it, insanely great at what they do, then they agree on a common vision, great things are bound to happen.

Your team members don’t need to be seasoned professionals, but they do need to be really good at what they do.

When you find people who are insanely great at what they do and get them working on a common vision together, they become self-policing.

When the team gets to about 10 people, your main job will be recruiting, because the team will follow the vision and get the job done that needs doing.

Even if you’re looking for people to oversee what the team is doing, use the same 2 principals.

The only modification for team leaders and managers is don’t look for ‘professional’ managers.

Find people who are insanely great at what they do, then effectively share the common vision with them.

In fact, according to Steve Jobs, the people who don’t want to be a manager or team leader are usually the best people to do the job.

So there are the 2 cornerstones of the Jobs philosophy distilled down for you.

Find insanely great people and effectively share the common vision with them so they can get to work.

So give it a try.

It worked at Apple. Maybe it’ll work for you too!

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And lastly… great people are out there… go get ‘em!

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